Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2024 Written Update Troubled Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2024 Written Update Troubled Purvi

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2024 Written Update Troubled Purvi. Monisha walks into her room and inquires of Purvi whether she has found what she was looking for. Purvi responds that Monisha is aware of her desires. Monisha sternly reminds Purvi of the consequences of stealing someone’s jewelry. In a panic, Monisha calls Harleen, who promptly answers her phone. Monisha instructs Vaishali and Deepika to contact Purvi as well. She then informs Harleen that Purvi is currently at her house and appears to have come to steal her jewelry. Harleen is taken aback by this revelation.

However, before she can fully process the situation, Purvi interjects and denies Monisha’s accusations. Harleen demands that Purvi returns home immediately and without hesitation, she leaves Monisha’s house to obey her mother’s request. Vaishali and Deepika have influenced Harleen against Purvi. This has caused Manpreet to become anxious about Prachi’s well-being. She confides in Vishaka that they have become a hindrance to Prachi. In response, Vishaka questions if they could instead be a source of support for Prachi. As soon as Prachi returns home, Vishaka inquires about her work. Prachi shares that she needs to devote more time to studying Gajendra’s political party.

Manpreet suggests she take a break and join them for dinner once she is refreshed. Agreeing with her mother, Prachi goes to freshen up before dinner. Upon arriving home, Purvi is immediately questioned by Harleen about her visit to Monisha’s house. Monisha joins in, accusing Purvi of lying to her servant and asking her not to interfere. Harleen then scolds Purvi for being dishonest, while Monisha complains that Purvi is trying to humiliate her. She thanks Harleen for taking her side and gives a mocking smile to Purvi. Meanwhile, Trishna shares with Krishna how impressed her father was with Prachi’s work and requests that she join them for dinner. After Krishna agrees, Trishna expresses gratitude with a hug before he heads off for his meeting.

Harleen cautions Purvi against violating their household rules. In response, Purvi asserts that the rules should apply equally to everyone. However, Vaishali and Deepika physically attack Purvi instead of listening to her explanation. Despite Purvi’s attempts to clarify the misunderstanding, she is met with resistance. Harleen demands an explanation from Purvi about her visit to Monisha’s house. To support her claim, Purvi presents a photo of a ring to Harleen, which shocks Deepika as it belongs to her. Finally understanding the truth, Purvi reveals that it was the same ring worn by the person who poisoned their food. Unfortunately, Harleen refuses to believe her and criticizes Purvi for breaking the rules by going against their customs.


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