YRKKH 13th May 2024 Written Update Kaveri's deal

YRKKH 13th May 2024 Written Update Kaveri’s deal

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YRKKH 13th May 2024 Written Update Kaveri’s deal. Armaan refuses to sign the divorce papers, but Sanjay urges him not to make an emotional decision. Armaan insists that he will not sign any false clause, to which Sanjay replies that there is no other option for a quick divorce. However, Armaan stands firm in his stance of not giving a false statement in court. Kaveri then reminds Abhira to consider Madhav and Vidya’s well-being and also acknowledges Akshara’s dream before agreeing to divorce Armaan. To support her decision, Kaveri offers financial assistance for Abhira’s future endeavors after divorcing Armaan, leaving her stunned. In a similar gesture of generosity, Krish gives his hard-earned money to Sanjay who explains his unstable career situation.

This leads to an argument between Krish and Sanjay, causing anger to rise in the latter. As Krish starts contemplating joining a dance group with his saved money, he discovers that he has to pay a fee soon, leaving him shocked. Ruhi makes delicious sweets. Vidya asks her if she ever thought about pursuing a career in cooking. Ruhi mentions someone named Arohi, who was not only a skilled doctor but also a single mother. Despite her busy schedule, Arohi made sure to spend quality time with her family. One day, she didn’t return and that’s when Ruhi decided to prioritize her family too. This story brings out strong emotions in Ruhi and Vidya offers her comfort in the form of kind words.

Meanwhile, Krish demands payment from Kajal who refuses to comply. Sanjay enquires about Krish’s anger to which Kajal reveals that he needs money urgently. Sanjay believes that soon Krish will understand the truth and face the consequences while waiting for his downfall. In another part of the house, Abhira and Armaan plan to have a conversation with each other. However, things take an unexpected turn when Madhav falls and Abhira stops Armaan from helping him. Vidya steps in to assist Madhav, who later decides to sleep in his study instead of his usual room due to Kaveri’s orders.

As Vidya helps Madhav settle in, Abhira recalls Kaveri’s words. Abhira hesitates to enter the kitchen, but Armaan quickly comes to her aid. He offers to share his custard with her and then reveals that Sanjay had asked him to give a false statement in court. Abhira is taken aback and questions Armaan’s choice. However, he reassures her that he would never belittle their marriage in front of society. As they discuss their divorce, Armaan stands firm in not wanting to do anything wrong to fix things between them. Unbeknownst to them, Kaveri overhears their conversation and this only adds to Abhira’s worry about being alone. She desperately searches for a solution that could repair everything.

YRKKH 13th May 2024 Written Update Kaveri's deal


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