GHKKPM 16th May 2024 Written Update Reeva's joy

GHKKPM 16th May 2024 Written Update Reeva’s joy

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GHKKPM 16th May 2024 Written Update Reeva’s joy. Ishaan reprimands Savi for being honest with Harini, questioning what would happen if something were to occur to her. However, Harini claims Savi has not confided anything in her. As she searches through Savi’s bag, she discovers her mangalsutra and remembers Ishaan mentioning he had it repaired. Wanting clarification, Harini asks if Savi can leave. When Harini inquires why Savi continues to keep the truth from her, Savi claims ignorance. It is then that Harini shows her the mangalsutra and urges her to be truthful.

In response, Savi reveals the entirety of the situation between Ishaan and his fiancée Reeva, insisting that she too will move forward in life. She confesses that they were trying to protect Harini’s well-being by withholding this information from her. In turn, Harini promises Savi that she will not abandon her under any circumstances. Harini apologizes to Ishaan for causing him trouble and expresses her best wishes for his future before leaving. When Ishaan returns home, Surekha informs him that she has agreed to tolerate Savi and Harini’s presence in the house for a few days and asks where they are.

Meanwhile, Savi and Harini enter their new home and Savi excitedly declares that this will be their new residence where everyone loves them. She gratefully thanks Bappa for their new home. Ishaan then reveals to the Bhosle family that Harini is aware of the truth about everything, including his issues with Reeva. Yashwant responds positively to this news and goes to Chinmay, teasing him for previously stating that Ishaan and Savi were meant for each other. Before leaving, Surekha promises Ishaan that she will visit the temple and pray for him. Reeva expresses her joy to Swati that the official marriage between Ishaan and herself has finally brought her happiness.

Swati agrees, mentioning how Savi’s departure from their lives was a positive event. Sandhya then informs Savi that there were inquiries about her at the tea stall and requests her to stay there. Harini inquires about the situation but Savi chooses to keep it hidden, making up an excuse instead. Meanwhile, Ishaan serves Reeva food and comments on the quality of the restaurant. Reeva is pleased with his approval and notes that everyone seems content. However, she senses sadness in his eyes and asks if he is satisfied with how things are going. Ishaan’s thoughts turn to Savi but he assures Reeva that he is happy. As Reeva wonders what could be troubling him, Ishaan struggles with his true feelings for Savi.

As Harini approaches Savi’s tea stall, she inquires about the reason behind her selling tea. She urges Savi to be completely open with her. Savi reveals that she has been expelled from school. Reeva asks Ishaan about the moisture in his eyes. Ishaan quickly brushes it off, claiming they are not tears, and excuses himself to wash his face. Feeling apologetic, Harini confesses to Savi that she had suggested Ishaan marry her to escape Kiran’s wrath.

She begs for forgiveness, but Savi interrupts and reassures her that it was not her fault. With determination, Savi heads back to her stall where she notices Ishaan’s name written in a book. Thoughts of Ishaan and Reeva’s marriage flood her mind, bringing tears to her eyes. Meanwhile, Ishaan wipes his face and reflects on his emotions towards Savi. Despite everything going well, he can’t shake off this sadness he feels inside.


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