Anupama 17th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's ploy

Anupama 17th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s ploy

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Anupama 17th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s ploy. Yashdeep snaps a photo of Anupama for social media. She suggests sharing everyone’s picture daily, which he agrees with. However, Rahul believes she has ulterior motives to promote Paritosh. Anupama clarifies that seeing a bustling crowd brings her joy. Yashdeep reminds her to be conscious of the customers. He also brings up Gulati, whom Anupama reveals has offered her a job as well. Yashdeep mentions that she turned down an offer from Hitachi too. This raises concerns for Anupama about why Gulati visited their restaurant. As the situation unfolds, Dimple decides to confide in Titu about her past. Adhik fears it may ruin their relationship, but Titu reassures Dimple not to worry about her past and encourages her to share it with him.

Anuj requests Aadhya to use Anupama’s name instead when she calls her. Shruti shares that she has reserved a wedding location with Anuj and Aadhya, saying their big day will be next month. Aadhya becomes ecstatic while Anuj is taken aback. Yashdeep runs into Gulati and is asked to introduce him to Anupama. Apologizing, Anupama explains to Gulati that she didn’t reply to his email. Dimple tells Titu he can end their relationship if he wishes, apologizing afterward. Titu insists Dimple stops apologizing and praises both her and Anupama for their actions.

Dimple expresses her gratitude to Titu for understanding, adding that transparency is important in love. Agreeing with her, Titu acknowledges Dimple’s point. Gulati attempts to guilt Anupama for turning down his offer. This topic is also discussed by Vikram and Rahul, with Vikram mentioning the disarray in Gulati’s kitchen. Paritosh happens to overhear their conversation, causing concern that Vanraj may have learned about his past and he starts to fear Vanraj. In an attempt to make amends, Paritosh tries to befriend Gulati, but instead finds himself being instigated by him.

Anupama stands up for herself and gives a fitting response to Gulati’s actions. Seeing the tension, Vikram advises Anupama to keep Paritosh away from Gulati and make sure no other waiters feel insecure because of his presence. Meanwhile, Vanraj notices Titu’s injury and becomes suspicious of him. When Anuj brings up plans for Aadhya’s birthday in India, she initially refuses but eventually agrees after Shruti encourages her to go so she can keep Anupama at bay. With Titu’s constant evasion, Vanraj grows increasingly suspicious of his trustworthiness. Anupama is shocked to discover that Paritosh has been trying to impress Gulati.


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