YRKKH 17th May 2024 Written Update Wedding bells

YRKKH 17th May 2024 Written Update Wedding bells

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YRKKH 17th May 2024 Written Update Wedding bells. Ruhi expresses her gratitude towards Vidya, who in turn commends Ruhi as the perfect match for Armaan. Overwhelmed with emotions, Ruhi questions why Vidya keeps the truth from Kaveri. To which, Vidya explains that neither Kaveri nor the Poddars can comprehend Armaan’s sacrifice for Rohit. Meanwhile, Abhira ponders over Vidya’s suggestion for Ruhi and Armaan, reminiscing about her past with Armaan and feeling devastated. Meanwhile, Ruhi joyfully dances and a student asks Armaan for a ride to his college as his bike is not working. Despite being hesitant at first, Armaan decides to assist the boy and discovers that he is Abhira’s classmate. In an attempt to avoid any interaction with him, he ignores him.

As Ruhi eagerly waits for Armaan, she decides to personally share some good news with him. She reflects upon her marriage with Armaan and firmly believes that nothing can come between their relationship. Abhira struggles to focus on her exam. Despite trying to motivate herself, she is haunted by the memory of Vidya’s suggestion for Ruhi and Armaan. The thought of their intimate moment together greatly upsets her, leading her to believe they are deliberately provoking her. Ultimately, Abhira flees from the examination hall. Upon learning that she left the exam, Armaan confronts her.

Meanwhile, Madhav and Sanjay are at odds with Vidya’s decision for Ruhi to marry Armaan. Kajal sides with Ruhi and urges Sanjay not to let personal issues interfere. Manisha argues that replacing Ruhi in Armaan’s life is not a simple solution, with support from Krish and Manoj. On the other hand, Charu and Aryan stand by Armaan and Ruhi. As tensions rise, Vidya asks the Poddars for time to decide on their marriage. Abhira is filled with regret for shattering Akshara’s dreams by leaving the exam for Armaan’s sake.

Overcome with emotion, she breaks down in tears. When confronted by Armaan about quitting the exam, Abhira lashes out against him trying to fool her after getting his marriage fixed with Ruhi. Abhira makes the difficult choice to take the exam on behalf of Armaan, hoping it will release him from his burden. Armaan is taken aback by this gesture. However, when the examiner denies Abhira a second chance to sit in on the exam, Armaan steps in to advocate for her. Yet, Abhira insists on standing up for herself and reassures Armaan not to be concerned about her well-being.


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