Anupama 22nd May 2024 Written Update Paritosh strikes

Anupama 18th May 2024 Written Update Trap for Anu

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Anupama 18th May 2024 Written Update Trap for Anu. Paritosh requests a tip from the customer, which offends Anupama. She instructs Paritosh to take the order while Rahul handles the bill and reminds him to work as a team. Also, she asks that he return Gulati’s tip and remember her previous instructions. As Kajal and Pari approach, Paritosh is taken aback and purposely avoids them. Anupama decides to attend Kinjal and Pari, while Paritosh accidentally spills water on a female customer. The customer becomes upset with him, but Anupama comes to his defense. This upsets Rahul, who suggests that Anupama would have reprimanded everyone equally if any errors were made.

Pari reassures Paritosh about his job and encourages him, causing him to become emotional. Anupama then reminds Paritosh to value his work, but he dismisses her and Kinjal’s advice as mere lectures. In turn, Kinjal expresses doubt that Paritosh will ever change and warns Anupama not to trust him. She even suggests that Anupama should prioritize her own needs over Paritosh’s. Frustrated, Anupama decides that she will not tolerate any mistakes from Paritosh at the restaurant and threatens to kick him out if necessary. However, this only further fuels Paritosh’s resentment towards his mother for her pride in winning the Super Star trophy.

Anupama 18th May 2024 Written Update Trap for Anu

He vows to break her arrogance. Vanraj informs Leela that Titu is keeping something hidden from them. Titu cannot shake off thoughts of Dimple and worries that if his secret comes to light, it will be detrimental. To expose Titu before the wedding, Leela and Vanraj come up with a plan. The customers are full of praise for Anupama, who humbly thanks her fans for helping her become a Super Star. Paritosh catches sight of Anupama and she uses the opportunity to encourage other women to pursue their dreams. Yashdeep surprises Anupama by framing her trophy as a symbol of motivation for others.

Impressed by her achievements, Vikram and Yashdeep urge Anupama to take pride in herself. Feeling proud of what she has accomplished, Anupama decides to showcase her victory with pride. Anupama gazes at her trophy while Yashdeep encourages her to admire it. She is determined to avoid any mistakes and ensures that others do the same. Hasmukh confronts Leela about concealing gold, expressing his distrust towards Titu. Just then, Titu pays a visit to the Shah house and Hasmukh asks for an explanation.

Anupama 18th May 2024 Written Update Trap for Anu

As a gesture, Titu presents a gift to Leela and Paritosh does the same for Pari. This leads to Kinjal confronting Paritosh who tells her not to lecture him anymore. However, Kinjal shares her promotion news with him which causes Paritosh to belittle himself and accuse Kinjal of not supporting him. A heated argument ensues between them where Kinjal declares she will become even more successful while Paritosh decides to open a restaurant in front of Spice and Chutney as a form of retaliation. Yashdeep blames Anupama for causing chaos, while Vanraj predicts that she will struggle to manage the achievements. Could Paritosh be responsible for Anupama’s downfall? Stay tuned.


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