YRKKH 18th May 2024 Written Update Armaan's affair

YRKKH 18th May 2024 Written Update Armaan’s affair

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YRKKH 18th May 2024 Written Update Armaan’s affair. After deciding not to feel weak, Abhira prepares for her exam while Armaan ponders whether Ruhi has revealed the truth about their relationship to the Poddars. Later on, Ruhi confides in Surekha and Swarna that the Poddars have accepted her alliance with Armaan pending Kaveri’s decision. In an attempt to secure Manish’s approval, she asks Swarna to speak to him on her behalf. However, Manish questions Ruhi’s intentions and is interrupted by Armaan calling out to her. Swarna informs Manish that Vidya has already approached Kaveri regarding the potential alliance between Ruhi and Armaan. Despite this, Manish remains firm in his rejection of Armaan for Ruhi.

Swarna urges him to consider Ruhi’s happiness above all else. Armaan confronts Ruhi about disclosing their affair to Vidya, criticizing her for damaging his reputation in front of his family. This angers Ruhi, who feels that Armaan should have defended their relationship. She blames him and he apologizes. She then asks him what he wants, to which he explains that he was surprised to find out from Abhira about his upcoming marriage.

YRKKH 18th May 2024 Written Update Armaan's affair

Ruhi is equally taken aback by the fact that Abhira knows the truth about them. Sanjay asks Kaveri to arrange Charu’s wedding instead of Armaan’s, but Charu refuses to marry anyone. When Sanjay reprimands her for her behavior, Kaveri steps in to stop him and reassures everyone that things will fall into place once Abhira is no longer a factor. Finally, Sanjay shares some news with Kaveri.

As Abhira packs her bag, Armaan reveals his affair to her. Despite Abhira’s refusal to listen to Armaan and Ruhi’s story, Kaveri gathers everyone together. Sanjay informs the couple that their divorce is final and asks Abhira to leave the house. Madhav advises Abhira to wait until morning, which she obediently does. Kaveri then instructs Armaan to remove Abhira’s vermillion since it belongs to him. Following her command, Armaan breaks the blockchain as well. This leaves Madhav, Manoj, and Madhav in shock. In a surprising twist, Abhira also breaks her bangle and asks Armaan to wipe off her vermillion too. As a stunned Armaan realizes the extent of his actions, he feels guilty for breaking Abhira’s heart and refuses to accept Ruhi as his justification.


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