Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's lie

Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s lie

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Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s lie. Anupama is determined to expand her skills and starts learning accounts. Yashdeep offers to teach her. Inspired by Yashdeep’s knowledge, Anupama also expresses interest in learning about marketing and social media. To help her overcome any fears, Yashdeep encourages her to start posting on social media to promote her business. Although hesitant initially, Anupama feels motivated by Yashdeep’s words and decides to take a break from the lessons. She gets excited about celebrating Aadhya’s birthday and plans on giving her a special gift.

Predicting reconciliation between the two, Yashdeep hopes for a positive outcome. However, Anupama finds it challenging and longs for Aadhya to reconnect with her as a mother someday. Eager to mend their relationship, Anupama is determined to regain Aadhya’s heart. Kinjal shares some good news – she has been promoted at work.

Leela inquires Titu about the jewelry, while Dimple also seeks Titu’s answer on the same matter. Vanraj then questions Titu about whether he obtained the gold through deceitful means. Titu assures him that he bought it with his hard-earned money for Dimple. However, Vanraj remains skeptical. In the meantime, Pari decides to assist Kinjal, whose recent promotion Anupama celebrates with great joy and pride. This brings tears to Kinjal’s eyes as she feels overwhelmed by Anupama’s appreciation for her dedication and effort. The proud mother encourages Kinjal to pat herself on the back for her achievements.

Meanwhile, Paritosh plots against Anupama, and Pakhi joins forces with Vanraj to uncover Titu’s alleged wrongdoing. Amidst all this drama, Anupama makes arrangements to celebrate Aadhya’s birthday with Shruti and Anuj’s help. When Anuj questions why she arrived late, Anupama explains that she went to check up on Kinjal first. This suggestion irks Shruti, who wants them to focus on Aadya’s birthday instead of discussing Anupama’s whereabouts. Sensing Shruti’s distress, Anupama makes a leave. Anupama prays for the happiness of others, and her prayers are answered when Anuj reveals that she has been featured in the newspaper. Overcome with emotion, Anupama is moved by this news while Anuj is filled with joy.

Paritosh catches sight of the article, but instead of sharing in their happiness, he destroys the newspaper. When Rahul confronts him about his actions, Vikram decides to spread the news even further. This angers Paritosh and it becomes clear that it was Anuj who framed Anupama’s story. Despite Paritosh’s negative energy, Anupama remains happy and is encouraged by Anuj to be her inspiration once again. However, when out with his friends, Paritosh pretends to be normal until Rahul gets angry at him for giving orders. Vikram steps in to calm Rahul down and Paritosh’s friend praises Anupama’s success. But rather than acknowledging her efforts, Paritosh takes credit for her achievements – a lie that Yashdeep overhears. It is only later that Anupama learns about Paritosh’s deceitful behavior.


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