Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2024 Written Update Rescue mission

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2024 Written Update Rescue mission

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Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2024 Written Update Rescue mission. As Lakshmi encounters Rishi and Ayush, the latter becomes emotional and prostrates at her feet, expressing his regret for which he feels unworthy of her forgiveness. However, Rishi advises Ayush against apologizing and shares a remark about it. He then reminds Ayush to join in searching for the kids. Believing Vidya to be Parvati’s mother, Rishi invites her to come along. Introducing herself as a friend of Parvati’s mother, Lakshmi joins Rishi, Ayush, and Vidya in their journey by car. Anushka observes this occurrence from a distance.

Lakshmi discovers that Rohan and Parvati have departed by auto. The Goons stop the vehicle, fabricate an excuse, and blindfold the two of them. The Goons escort Rohan and Parvati to their hideout, where they are freed from their blindfolds. They are surprised to find children present. It dawns on them that they have been kidnapped. Anushka then informs Malishka that Ayush and Rishi have departed, leaving with Lakshmi. Kiran tells Neelam that Parvati took Rohan away in an auto. This news upsets Neelam and she calls Rishi to express her frustration about Parvati’s actions. She scolds Parvati and makes negative remarks about her to Rishi. Neelam suspects that Parvati and Rohan may have left due to her scolding and comments.

Rishi eventually ends the call, while Lakshmi overhears his conversation with Neelam. After persuading the other children to make a break for it, Rohan and Parvati’s departure triggers Harleen to reprimand Neelam for her role in their escape. Neelam tries to pacify Harleen, recounting how scared she was by Parvati’s actions and expressing her opinions about her. Eventually, Neelam decides to seek guidance from Lakshmi teacher. Rishi and Lakshmi then arrive with the police, prompting Lakshmi to question why Rishi remained silent when Neelam scolded Parvati, leading to their departure. Keep reading for Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2024 Written Update.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2024 Written Update Rescue mission:

Rishi mentions to Lakshmi that Parvati’s mother also overheard Neelam’s statement, but did not react the same way. Lakshmi expresses her disapproval of Parvati’s mother, stating she is not a good parent. Rishi encourages Lakshmi not to jump to conclusions about Parvati’s mother and acknowledges how well she raised Parvati. Malishka intervenes and questions why Neelam feels the need to confront Parvati’s mother, reminding her that they are not on the same level. Neelam continues to criticize Parvati’s mother and leaves with Karishma to confront her.

Harleen offers to join Neelam to protect Parvati’s mother from any potential confrontation. The Goons suddenly appear and ask the children for their whereabouts. Rishi and Lakshmi inform the police inspector that Neelam had reprimanded both Parvati and Rohan, causing them to flee from the house. Ayush presents CCTV footage of Parvati and Rohan leaving in an auto. The police assure that they will commence a search for the children immediately. Malishka attempts to prevent Neelam from going to Lakshmi’s house but to no avail.

In her desperation, Malishka causes Harleen to trip on the stairs in hopes of stopping Neelam. As a result, Harleen falls and injures herself. Neelam and Karishma take her to rest in her room. Curious, Neelam asks Harleen why she followed her. Harleen explains that she accompanied her to Lakshmi’s house to prevent Neelam from scolding her, knowing that Neelam was at fault. This comment does not sit well with Neelam, who responds rudely. Trying to stop their argument, Malishka urges both women to calm down and mentions how they used to frequently bicker when Lakshmi first entered the household. This angers Neelam even more, who scolds Malishka.

Afterwards, Rohan, Parvati, and the other kids brainstormed ways to escape from their current situation. The police inspector then requested Rishi and Parvati’s mother to sign the complaint. Concerned that Lakshmi had yet to return home, Shalu tried calling her but received no answer. So she turned to Vindhya for help. As Rishi looked on, he noticed that Lakshmi had signed a statement and questioned her about it. She quickly came up with an explanation. Later on, the police informed both Rishi and Lakshmi about the auto driver’s whereabouts. Kiran reprimands Malishka for causing Harleen to trip.

Concerned, Malishka confides in Kiran about Rishi leaving with Lakshmi and potentially discovering that Parvati is his daughter. Anushka overhears their conversation and is taken aback. In a hushed voice, Malishka asks Anushka to keep Parvati’s true identity a secret from everyone. Anushka agrees without hesitation. Meanwhile, Rishi and Lakshmi visit the auto driver’s home in search of Rohan and Parvati. They inquire about their whereabouts, to which the auto driver reveals they were dropped off at the bus stop with two other individuals and mentioned wanting to go to Pune.


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