Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Monisha's vow

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s vow

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s vow. Vishaka reminds Prachi to take care of herself, while Trishna checks in on her and informs her that Gajendra needs to speak with her. Later, Trishna takes Prachi out and urges her to be honest about what’s going on, seeing that all her belongings are packed. Trishna reassures Prachi that she can confide in her if she’s facing any problems. Understanding the situation, Prachi reveals that Purvi is currently in jail for having counterfeit currency. Upon hearing this, Trishna assures Prachi not to worry and promises to get Purvi out of jail tomorrow, as it is already too late at night. However, Krishna arrives and interrupts their conversation, expressing his concern for Trishna’s well-being. But she confidently assures him that everything will work out fine.

Armaan and Khushi arrive at the police station to see Purvi, but the inspector refuses to let them in. Disappointed, they turn to Prachi for help. Prachi is relieved to see Khushi and explains that she doesn’t know what to do in this situation. Khushi reassures her that they will find a way to release Purvi tomorrow. She notices the packed luggage and learns that Prachi is planning to start painting work. Khushi decides to spend the night at Prachi’s house.

The following morning, Monisha answers Deepika’s call and they have a conversation. She mentions that she plans to visit Purvi to check on her well-being. As Vikram approaches Deepika, she ends the call. Later, she expresses her disappointment to Vikram for not remembering their last shopping trip. Meanwhile, Monisha speaks to RV’s photo and asserts that he is hers and she will remove Purvi from his life soon. What will Monisha do to remove Purvi from RV and her life? Keep reading for Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s vow:

Deepika inquires when was the last time she went shopping together with Vikrant. He suggests that she can go alone and questions why she needs him. Deepika clarifies that she wants his company, and brings up how RV is treating him as a servant. She reminds Vikrant that he is also a co-owner of the company. However, he makes a comment and exits.

Meanwhile, Monisha arrives at the police station to visit Purvi. As she approaches, she witnesses two women fighting over Rs 100 and being sent to jail. The constable guides Monisha to Purvi’s location. In another scene, Vishaka wakes up and converses with Prachi. Prachi urges Vishaka not to reveal anything about their family’s secrets to Khushi and asks her to keep it hidden from her sister-in-law. Khushi greets Vishaka before heading off to meet Purvi at the police station.

Purvi spots Monisha and inquires about Dadi’s well-being. Monisha rebuts, accusing Purvi of insincere concern. However, Purvi insists that she genuinely cares for Dadi. Monisha smirks, enjoying Purvi’s display of emotions. At this, Purvi remarks on Monisha’s reaction. Monisha warns Purvi not to challenge her again, referencing their previous encounter. She further adds that she will see to it that RV divorces Purvi and marries her instead. Later, Khushi and Diya arrive at the police station to meet Purvi but learn that Monisha had already been there before them. Khushi and Diya meet with Purvi, while Monisha walks away upon seeing Khushi. Khushi confronts Purvi about the fact that Diya was told not to inform her about her being in jail. She asks Purvi to tell her the truth about what happened.

After hearing Purvi’s explanation, Khushi believes that someone in their house is framing her. However, Purvi insists that no one else was present at the time of the incident. Determined to uncover the truth, Khushi promises to investigate further. Later on, Khushi updates Armaan about everything at the police station and they head to their lawyer’s office. While leaving in her car, Khushi asks Diya to step out as she has something important to discuss with her. After their conversation, Khushi leaves and Yug informs RV that their flight is delayed by 3 hours. Frustrated by his family members’ secrecy, RV considers calling Purvi for answers. Khushi arrives at RV’s house. Monisha greets her at the door and makes a remark about her. Khushi reciprocates with a comment about Monisha before entering the house.

Deepika confronts Khushi. Dadi and Harleen both ask Khushi to leave, unable to stand her presence. Khushi questions Harleen as to why she is being treated so poorly. Harleen reminds Khushi of the harm she has caused their family. Despite this, Khushi explains that she came here to inquire why no one from the family has shown up at the police station to support Purvi, but now realizes that they do not care for her. Harleen declares that both Purvi and Khushi are equally unwelcome in their home and will be kicked out once Purvi is released from jail. Feeling unwanted, Khushi decides to leave, but Monisha stops her and an argument ensues between the two.


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