Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Karan rebukes Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Karan rebukes Nidhi

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Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Karan rebukes Nidhi. Nidhi questions Preeta’s concern for her family and advises her to leave after treating them. She can’t understand why Preeta is caring for Karan as if she were his wife and insists that she simply give instructions and leave. However, Preeta explains that she cannot leave because she needs to take care of Dadi and Karan, as well as help free Shaurya from jail. Nidhi mocks Preeta’s reasons, but Preeta stands firm, stating that Shaurya is like a son to her. This prompts Nidhi to question if Preeta is a lawyer. Preeta asserts that she will handle Shaurya’s case in her way. At this point, Karan overhears their conversation and realizes that although Preeta may have lost her memory, she still cares deeply for his family.

He joins them downstairs and reminds Nidhi to be grateful for Preeta’s care towards the Luthras. Nidhi then asks Karan why he has such fondness for Rajveer, despite his being responsible for trying to ruin their business and having connections with Anshuman. Preeta assures Nidhi that she will address the situation and defend Rajveer’s innocence. She explains that if Rajveer indeed made a mistake, she will work towards correcting it. However, Nidhi expresses her concerns about Preeta causing trouble for everyone, as Rakhi and Kareena had previously mentioned. Preeta remains resolute in her decision and informs Nidhi that she doesn’t have time to discuss it further, before leaving. Karan then reprimands Nidhi for her behavior.

Later, Preeta remembers Anshuman revealing Rajveer’s ties with him and Nidhi questioning Karan about this connection. Kavya interrupts their conversation to apologize on Nidhi’s behalf. Preeta appreciates Kavya’s sweet gesture but assures her that she is not offended because she understands Nidhi’s nature. She suggests that Kavya handle Nidhi since the latter needs her support at the moment. Keep reading for Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Karan rebukes Nidhi.

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update Karan rebukes Nidhi:

Nidhi shares with the Luthra family that Karan is not able to provide answers to her questions. She expresses her frustration that everyone perceives Karan as infallible, but the reality is that he has made mistakes. Nidhi confides in Kareena that while she may have entered the Luthra household as a wife, she ultimately became a mother to their family. She acknowledges the sacrifices she has made for their sake and laments how Preeta’s actions are pulling her family apart. Nidhi poses the question of why she is being criticized for voicing her concerns about Preeta causing problems for them.

In response, Karan asks Nidhi what is troubling her and why she holds such beliefs. Just then, Kavya enters the room and Nidhi directs her comments towards her, stating that Kavya seems to prioritize Preeta over their own family’s well-being. She reminds them both that Rajveer is also at fault for conspiring with Karan’s business rival to damage his reputation and even causing him to attempt suicide. Rakhi interjects and defends Rajveer, claiming he played no part in these troubles. Karan admits his responsibility in his decision to Nidhi. She, in turn, defends Rajveer out of her love for him over Shaurya. Dadi clarifies the misunderstanding to Nidhi, who claims that Dadi always disrespects her.

Kareena reprimands Nidhi for talking to Dadi in such a manner. Despite this, Nidhi insists she will not listen to anyone when it comes to Rajveer and Preeta. Rakhi decides to ask Rajveer about why Karan hurt himself but receives no response from him. Nidhi assumes that Rajveer’s silence is due to guilt and confidently declares she is right before going inside. Meanwhile, at the police station, Preeta visits Shaurya and apologizes on behalf of Rajveer for his role in landing him behind bars. Shaurya thanks her for the apology but asks her to leave. Devastated, Preeta exits the room in tears.

Mahesh reassures Rakhi that everything will turn out fine. Kavya questions whether Rajveer is at fault, to which Mahesh responds. Nidhi urges Kavya not to defend Rajveer. Rakhi defends Rajveer’s character, pointing out how he has helped Karan in the past. She also mentions that Rajveer does not work for Anshuman. Challenging Rakhi’s claims, Nidhi asks for proof. Undeterred, Rakhi declares that Rajveer will come and prove his innocence.

Anshuman admits to Shaurya that he demanded half of Karan’s property in exchange for Shaurya’s release. In response, Shaurya pretends to be getting beaten by Anshuman. The constable then takes Anshuman away from there. Preeta confronts Rajveer about his involvement with Anshuman and expresses her disappointment in him. Meanwhile, Kareena questions Karan’s trust in Rajveer and reminds him of how he had previously discussed revenge with Srishti.


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