Pandya Store 19th May 2024 Written Update Natasha returns

Pandya Store 19th May 2024 Written Update Natasha returns

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Pandya Store 19th May 2024 Written Update Natasha returns. Shantanu asks Tai about the possibility of leaving Natasha with the Makwanas, despite their lack of knowledge about them. He recounts finding Natasha in a distressed state, with torn clothing, and questions why the Makwanas did not search for her in the past seven years. Tai reminds him that Naveli is Natasha’s mother and Dhawal’s wife, asking by what right he is attempting to intervene. Shantanu insists on not abandoning Natasha in her fragile state. Naveli continues to cry as Bhavin suggests revealing the truth to her. Hetal agrees with Bhavin and urges Pranali to make Naveli aware of the situation or risk losing both Natasha and Naveli.

Pranali worries about how to convince Naveli that she is her true mother without causing further distress. Later that night, Shantanu paces back and forth, reflecting on the events of the day. Natasha questions Shantanu about leaving her, but he realizes that it was only a figment of his imagination. Naveli sneaks up to Natasha and convinces her to go outside with her. In her drowsy state, Natasha follows Naveli and almost drops a vase, but Naveli manages to catch it. While Naveli helps pack Natasha’s clothes, Natasha slyly inserts a piece of paper into Shantanu’s sister’s nose as she sleeps.

Naveli warns Natasha not to play pranks like that and then leads her out of the house. Curious about their destination, Natasha asks where they are going, to which Naveli reveals that Pranali had mentioned making them leave the Makwana house and so they are leaving together. She also admits that she knows Natasha is Naveli’s mother. Feeling relieved after Dhawal accepts the truth, Natasha shares this news with Naveli. Meanwhile, Shantanu fails to see both women leaving as he hears the door close and checks outside but finds no one there. Natasha and Naveli joyfully sprint along the road until Naveli halts abruptly, inquiring about their destination and accommodation. Natasha suggests they continue running since it’s enjoyable.

Mittu is seen at Pandya’s house, standing before Suman’s photograph. Kanta questions if he has discovered any information about Shesh, but he denies it. Mittu laments that the Pandyas are no longer with them and their parents’ and relatives’ spirits must be grieving. As Natasha grows weary from running, she and Naveli enter a nearby building. To their surprise, it turns out to be Pandya’s house. Natasha opens a window and urges Naveli to join her inside as the place appears unoccupied. They both enter and discover Mittu sleeping there, triggering memories of Natasha’s past.


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