Teri Meri Doriyaann 19th May 2024 Written Update Sahiba's plan

Teri Meri Doriyaann 19th May 2024 Written Update Sahiba’s plan

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 19th May 2024 Written Update Sahiba’s plan. Garry informs the guests that Daljeet is single. Upon hearing this, Daljeet asks Sahiba to dance with him. However, she declines and leaves, prompting Sahiba to try and meet Akir. But before she can do so, Daljeet stops her and suggests that she can only see Akir if she dances with him. Despite his bold dare for her to reveal the truth to Akir, Sahiba remains silent. As they dance, Sahiba signals to Angad to stay calm.

Manveer intervenes and reminds Angad of how Sahiba had stayed with her boyfriend for six years while he was separated from his son for the same amount of time. He reassures Angad that there is no reason for him to worry about Sahiba’s actions. But Angad still interrupts Daljeet and Sahiba’s dance. Sahiba reminds Angad of their purpose for being here and stops him in his tracks.

Daljeet advises Angad to adjust to seeing him and Sahiba together, as they will soon be united. The two of them then take to the dance floor for a song. Meanwhile, the guests exchange gossip about Sahiba and Angad. Later on, Daljeet inquires about Angad’s dancing skills while Sahiba declines any drink offers. Daljeet suggests that they get used to the idea of Angad serving them at their beck and call, starting with preparing a mocktail for them. Though hesitant at first, Angad follows Daljeet’s instructions and makes the drink.

Harneet reassures Amu not to worry as Sahiba will end up with Daljeet, freeing up Angad for her. Daljeet commands Angad to serve himself and Sahiba publicly, while Garry and Kirat sympathize with their situation. In a demeaning manner, Daljeet hands Angad a tip, prompting Sahiba to remind him of his position and the numerous employees under him. However, Daljeet asserts that Angad is currently working for him. In a display of solidarity, Sahiba gives the tip to Angad who then places it on the table.

Daljeet then instructs Sahiba to drink her mocktail, before proceeding to drink from the same spot on the glass where her lips touched. In the next episode, As Sahiba stands before Daljeet, she explains that Angad was the root of all her suffering. She then declares her willingness to marry him. Requesting for the ring to be placed on her finger, she accidentally drops it. Turning to Angad, Sahiba asks if he will assist her in reclaiming what she lost.


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