YRKKH 19th May 2024 Written Update Ruhi wins

YRKKH 19th May 2024 Written Update Ruhi wins

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YRKKH 19th May 2024 Written Update Ruhi wins. Abhira is counting her leftover days in the Poddar house, having decided to fight alone. However, when Manish suggests giving Armaan a chance, Abhira reveals her divorce from him. Despite this, Manish refuses to believe that there are no lingering feelings between them. Abhira reaffirms that she cannot compromise her self-respect and wants to sever ties with the Poddars. Despite her insistence, Manish still refuses to accept this truth. Ultimately, Abhira decides to move on, causing Manish to ask if she will not come see him again. She stands firm in bidding adieu and Manish becomes emotional as a result.

This makes Abhira feel bad for him. Charu confesses her love for Dev, but Ruhi disagrees and urges Charu to trust in the Poddar family’s affection for her. She even suggests that Charu consider marrying someone else. Kaveri is pleased to see Ruhi trying to change Charu’s mind. Meanwhile, Vidya and Armaan reminisce about their past and Armaan vows to do anything for the family. In turn, Vidya decides to help fix Armaan’s life by suggesting he marry Ruhi. However, Abhira overhears their conversation, causing a stir. Ultimately, Vidya leaves it up to Armaan to make the final decision as Kaveri gathers everyone together.

Kaveri arranges the alliance between Armaan and Ruhi and inquires if Ruhi is willing to marry him. Blushing at the news, Ruhi nods her head. Kaveri then turns to Armaan, giving him time to consider his decision. Devoting a day to him, she encourages him to think about his future and move on in life. Meanwhile, Ruhi confides in Abhira that she believes it is destiny that has brought her and Armaan together. However, Abhira dismisses this idea and suggests that Ruhi uses fake tears to sway Armaan’s decision as he is feeling pressured by his family. Tauntingly, Armaan observes Abhira collecting pearls while Manish vehemently opposes the relationship between Ruhi and Armaan. Ultimately, Abhira publicly severs ties with Armaan.


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