GHKKPM 20th May 2024 Written Update Savi questions Ishaan

GHKKPM 20th May 2024 Written Update Savi questions Ishaan

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GHKKPM 20th May 2024 Written Update Savi questions Ishaan. Savi is ready to cut the cake when her phone rings. She steps aside to answer the call. Swanand’s assistant inquires about the divorce papers, to which Savi responds that she will hand them over today. After hanging up, she contacts the nurse and finds out she has returned. Harini approaches Savi and urges her to reconsider. Ultimately, Savi walks away. Upon encountering Swanand, Savi hands over the divorce papers to him. Meanwhile, the parents approach Ishaan with complaints against Savi’s shop.

Ishaan expresses disbelief and they proceed to show him a video. As Ishaan watches his students smoking cigarettes in the video, the parents express concern about such behavior causing issues. They turn to Yashwant for a solution and Ishaan assures them that if such misconduct is indeed taking place at Savi’s tea stall, it will be shut down. He makes a promise to the parents regarding this matter. Savi reminisces about the events that unfolded. The students had requested a tea break, to which Savi responded by reminding them of their UPSC exams and urging them to study diligently. She then proceeded to ask them a few questions.

However, when Harini asked for a break, Savi knew how to reenergize everyone and perform a dance. Unfortunately, Ishaan and the parents caught them in their moment of fun instead of attending class. Ishaan scolds both the students for their actions and Savi for supporting them. In the next episode, viewers will see Savi’s tea stall engulfed in flames. As Ishaan rushes to save her belongings from getting destroyed, Reeva notices his burnt hands and expresses disappointment as she is planning to put a ring on those very hands. Confused by Ishaan’s actions, Savi questions why he would do something like this when she holds no significance to him anymore. Keep reading for GHKKPM 20th May 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 20th May 2024 Written Update Savi questions Ishaan:

While Savi allows students to skip their lectures and hang out at her tea stall, Ishaan comments on her actions. Savi denies knowledge of the students missing classes and questions Ishaan’s right to criticize her. She feels he never truly understands her. Ishaan wonders how Savi can lose sight of her goals. He shows her a video of a student smoking at the stall, and Savi accuses him of making assumptions based on only seeing half the truth. The students clarify that they come to study and only dance during breaks. Not convinced, Ishaan challenges Savi and the students to an exam the next day with high stakes – any student who scores below 75% will not have their internal marks count towards their final grade.

Though hesitant at first, Savi eventually agrees to the challenge. As Ishaan leaves, some parents urge their children not to take the test for Savi’s sake, but the students stand by her. Harini pulls Savi aside and comments on her behavior towards Ishaan, who she knows is causing Savi to act out of anger. Savi responds by emphasizing the importance of values. Meanwhile, Nishikant asks Ishaan to create a challenging question paper, but Yashwant disagrees and urges Ishaan to set the paper in a way that he believes is appropriate. Yashwant then reprimands Nishikant for suggesting such a task, noting Ishaan’s strong moral code. He also instructs Nishikant to ensure that none of the students pass the exam, and Nishikant agrees.

As their plan unfolds, Savi dismisses the students while Shukla shows her the earnings they have made. Savi acknowledges their hard work and views it as a blessing. Reeva tells Surekha that she has cleared all of Avni’s doubts, to which Surekha expresses her gratitude. Seeing that Surekha is suffering from a headache, Reeva offers to give her a head massage and helps her sit on the sofa. While receiving the message, Surekha shares with Reeva about Savi causing trouble for her. Reeva reassures her that Savi’s actions are justified and mentions that Ishaan did the right thing for Savi. However, Surekha voices her concern about what Savi might think about Ishaan’s actions as a husband and also notes that Savi has not yet signed the divorce papers.

Reeva then informs her that Savi has already signed them, much to Surekha’s delight. At the tea stall, Savi prays to her parents for success in an upcoming challenge where students need to score 75% on their exams. As she prepares to leave with Harini and Shukla, Nishikant’s man sets fire to the stall. Someone quickly alerts Savi of the fire breakout before they leave. Surekha informs Reeva that she will contact Ishaan. However, Reeva receives an urgent call and has to abruptly leave.

Savi, Shukla, and the rest of the group are overwhelmed with emotion as they see their shop in ruins. Despite Shukla and the others’ attempts to stop her, Savi stubbornly insists on entering the shop to retrieve some money. In a heroic act, Ishaan rushes into the burning building to save Savi. He tries to convince her to come out, but she refuses, insisting on retrieving the cash box. Eventually, with the aid of Savi’s parents’ photo and money box, Ishaan successfully carries Savi out of harm’s way. Nishikant’s associate signals to him that their plan has been executed.

Upon seeing Ishaan’s burned hands, Reeva scolds him for risking his life. Yashwanth quickly requests the first aid box from someone nearby, while Harini gives Savi a glass of water to drink. Reeva then notices Ishaan’s burnt hands and reminds him that those are the same hands-on which she was planning to put the ring. Ishaan remains silent and instead stares at Savi, prompting Reeva to question why Savi always manages to ruin her moments of happiness. In response, Savi asks why she is being blamed even though she has found her love. Infuriated, Reeva directs her anger at Savi and questions why she is still present in Ishaan’s life when Reeva has already found her own love.


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