YRKKH 20th May 2024 Written Update Manish rejects Armaan

YRKKH 20th May 2024 Written Update Manish rejects Armaan

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YRKKH 20th May 2024 Written Update Manish rejects Armaan. Armaan expresses that he has made a decision and glances at Abhira. Seeing her, he declares that he is ready to marry Ruhi, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. However, Abhira stumbles, causing Armaan to worry and take a step forward. Nevertheless, Ruhi stops him and inquires about what happened while the song “Just Go To Hell” plays in the background. Abhira leaves the scene as Vidya expresses her desire for the marriage to take place soon and takes on the responsibility of preparing for it. Suddenly, Manish interrupts and states that the engagement cannot happen because he doesn’t want Ruhi to face the same fate as before.

Kaveri counters by asserting that Ruhi is their daughter-in-law while Abhira is no one. Manish argues back saying she holds no significance in this family. In contrast, Kaveri insists that Ruhi has chosen to stay with them and is willing to proceed with the marriage, prompting Kaveri to ask Ruhi for confirmation. Refusing to listen, Manish directs his words towards Armaan, questioning his actions and how he can move on so quickly from Abhira. Kaveri is adamant that the Poddar household should not have any selfish or ill-behaved individuals. Manish questions why then is Sanjay still residing here. Sanjay, in response, retorts that he will not leave today and grabs hold of Manish’s collar.

Despite everyone’s efforts to intervene, Sanjay pushes them away, causing Ruhi to fall. Manish immediately checks on her well-being, while Kaveri expresses her displeasure at the fact that Ruhi was happy before Sanjay arrived. This causes a heated argument between Manish and Kaveri as he accuses her of silencing the voices of the daughters-in-law and treating them like puppets. Kaveri then takes a jab at Manish by reminding him how he had kicked his daughter out of the house.

YRKKH 20th May 2024 Written Update Manish rejects Armaan

This triggers an emotional response from Manish as he remembers Akshara and breaks down in tears. He clarifies that he had chosen Ruhi over his daughter for a reason that only he knows. Kaveri asks if similar incidents have occurred in his family as well, to which Manish responds by saying how their daughters-in-law are not accustomed to using their minds. Kaveri insists that my decision is final and we should all agree to Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage. Dad disagrees, stating he didn’t raise his daughter to be treated like a goat, and he won’t allow her to marry Armaan as she won’t be happy. Kaveri reminds him that her mind is made up and promises to bring happiness to Ruhi by arranging the marriage.

She confidently declares that no one can stop her, even shouting at Dad in frustration. However, Dad stands firm, saying he may compromise for love but not at the cost of someone’s pride. Kaveri persists that Ruhi and Armaan are well-suited for each other, but Kaveri remains adamant. In an unintentional slip-up, Vidya mentions Abhira’s name during the conversation. Ruhi expresses her desire to marry Armaan. Manish urges Ruhi to consider the potential consequences of such a decision. Armaan agrees to marry Ruhi solely for her sake. Manish reminds Ruhi to consider if Armaan’s consent is driven by any pressures. He then takes his leave.

The broker presents the room, which Abhira inspects and negotiates the rent with the owner. The owner suggests that she could stay in a hostel instead, but Abhira doesn’t want to face Armaan again. As she hesitates to pay the rent, the owner assures her that she can secure the door with her bag to prevent anyone from entering and insists on receiving payment. He stares at her before leaving and Abhira hears Armaan’s name once again. Manish returns home to find Swarna waiting for him, and they immediately engage in a heated exchange. According to him, Armaan has mistreated both Ruhi and Abhira, but she defends Armaan as a responsible individual. Despite his protests, she implores him to consider Ruhi’s happiness, which she believes lies with Armaan.

However, he is adamant that if Ruhi remains with them and marries Armaan, she will only face loneliness and sorrow. In his opinion, her fate is bound to be filled with tears rather than joy. Meanwhile, Abhira catches sight of the checkbook and breaks down in tears. In an attempt to release her emotions, she tries to tear them apart but ends up feeling completely shattered instead. Abhira is dismissed from her job. Manisha reaches out to her via video call. Armaan overhears their conversation. Abhira fibs to Manisha. Later, she becomes ill and loses consciousness. The broker observes her condition and enters the room to take advantage of her.


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