GHKKPM 21st May 2024 Written Update Savi's support

GHKKPM 21st May 2024 Written Update Savi’s support

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GHKKPM 21st May 2024 Written Update Savi’s support. Reeva scolds Savi for constantly involving Ishaan in her life, despite ending their relationship. Ishaan questions why Savi is still a part of his life. Reeva pleads with Savi, folding her hands, to avoid Ishaan. Yashwant reprimands Ishaan’s actions. Upon hearing Reeva’s words, Savi breaks down immediately. Shukla and Sandhya console Savi, informing her that the fire has been put out but has caused severe damage. Devastated, Savi sobs to herself. The students sympathize with Savi as she has lost everything. Nishikant addresses the students, urging them not to sacrifice their future for a shop that no longer exists. He asks them to reconsider taking the exam.

Ishaan agrees to talk to Savi. However, Reeva changes her mind and comes up with an excuse not to speak to Savi. She leads Ishaan away from the situation and in the car, she asks him what he’s thinking about. Ishaan admits he’s upset about something that happened to Savi. When Reeva asks why he’s feeling sad, Ishaan reveals that he wanted Savi to close the tea stall but never imagined her hard work being destroyed like this. Meanwhile, Savi reflects on a photo of her parents and expresses frustration about how fate always seems to put her in situations where she feels powerless. She confides in Harini that everything is ruined and they have nothing left now.

Upon their return home, Yashwant and Nishikant engage in a conversation about Ishaan’s safety. Yashwant shares his fear for Ishaan’s life when he ran into the fire and admits that he wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself if something had happened to him. However, Nishikant reassures him that Ishaan is now safe and the students will not have to take the test anymore. Yashwant expresses relief at this news. Meanwhile, Ishaan contemplates taking back his challenge, but Reeva warns him that Savi may see it as mockery or pity. Ishaan recalls Savi’s resilience in the face of constant challenges and prays for her well-being. Harini apologizes to Virat for not being able to fully care for Savi but is grateful for Ishaan’s presence in their lives.

Harini praises Ishaan for coming to Savi’s aid. The next morning, Harini questions why Savi is making so much tea. Savi explains that she is making tea for the students who have an exam that day. Harini wonders if the students will still want to take the exam after everything that happened the previous day, but Savi assures her that they will fight for what’s right and their self-respect. She tells Harini not to worry. As Savi awaits the arrival of her students at the gate, they finally join her. She quickly reminds them that they have an exam in a few minutes and urges them to prepare. However, the students inform Savi that they have made the decision not to take the exam. They explain that their argument over a shop has now been resolved, making it unnecessary for them to continue with the test.

Additionally, they fear losing 20 marks if anyone falls below 75 percent. Yashwant supports their decision, while Nishikant invites their parents to show off the college’s excellence. The Bhosles and parents then depart from the scene. The students kindly request Savi not to be upset with them. They assure Savi that they made the right decision since they are easily able to score 20 marks. To prove their parents and Ishaan are correct, Savi urges the students to write an apology letter to the college. It is clear that the students have no self-respect and can live without it. However, before Savi can continue, the students interrupt and vow to take up the test and prove their parents and teachers wrong. Chinmay enters and praises Savi for their guidance. The students, after enjoying a cup of tea from Savi, head off to take their exam.


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