YRKKH 21st May 2024 Written Update Armaan's promise

YRKKH 21st May 2024 Written Update Armaan’s promise

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YRKKH 21st May 2024 Written Update Armaan’s promise. Armaan comforts Ruhi, assuring her that they will both work together to convince Manish for their marriage. Ruhi inquires about Armaan’s sudden change of heart. She asks him why he didn’t agree to the marriage earlier if he had already thought about it. Armaan explains that his hesitation was due to fear and guilt, as he has caused pain to Ruhi in the past. However, now he is ready to commit to their relationship and promises loyalty above all else. He expresses how much he has changed and sees a peaceful future with Ruhi by his side. He assures her that their families will also be supportive, and they will find strength in each other.

Armaan admits that he no longer misses his previous love interest Abhira and desires a life of peace with Ruhi. This brings joy to Ruhi’s heart. Abhira meets her new boss, who took up Dev’s place. She receives praise from the assistant Mishra. He suggests that they should consider giving her a raise. Abhira informs him that she has recently completed her exams and is expecting her marksheet soon. The boss responds positively but is interrupted by a phone call. He apologizes to Abhira and explains that he is unable to grant her an extension. Heartbroken, she pleads for her job, but the boss insists that she collect her wages from the accountant and leave, threatening to call security if necessary. In tears, Abhira exits the office.

YRKKH 21st May 2024 Written Update Armaan's promise

Krish video calls Abhira and inquires about her emotional state. Abhira assures him that she is happy, despite lying about receiving a salary hike and getting a new house. Madhav chimes in, agreeing that Abhira is handling everything well despite the unfortunate situation. Krish also adds that he believes Abhira is the best match for Armaan, who looks on silently. In the meantime, Ruhi arrives at the Goenka household to wish Manish and Swarna on their anniversary. She gently reminds Manish not to deny her rights as his daughter. Later, as Manish feeds her cake, Swarna voices her suspicion about Armaan’s true feelings for Abhira instead of Ruhi.

However, Ruhi confidently proclaims her trust in their love and destiny to keep them together. Abhira enters her room to find her belongings scattered. The broker informs her that due to their separation, she can no longer stay there and presents marriage cancellation papers. After some argument, Abhira reluctantly agrees to pay more rent. When the broker returns for the rent, she scolds him and orders him to leave. Later, feeling weak and faint, Abhira collapses on the bed. Armaan falls beside her and the broker re-enters the room to check on Abhira.

YRKKH 21st May 2024 Written Update Armaan's promise

He accidentally sprinkles water on her while trying to touch her face. She wakes up and reprimands him for his actions before asking him to leave again. Seeing missed calls from Manisha, Abhira listens to an audio message from her which leaves her determined not to give in to weakness. Abhira’s sadness is evident as the broker notices her when she opens the door. He lies to her. Abhira leaves the room.

Ruhi hands Kaveri the anniversary invite and asks her to wish the Goenkas. Apologizing, Kaveri excuses herself from the conversation. Ruhi explains that Kaveri is hesitant about something. However, Armaan remains optimistic and promises to fix everything at the upcoming party. In a heartwarming gesture, Ruhi hugs him and he confesses his restlessness leading him to step out for a while. In the next episode, Armaan and Abhira reunite at the roadside while purchasing balloons where Kaveri announces that she will be hosting Armaan and Ruhi’s engagement ceremony.

YRKKH 21st May 2024 Written Update Armaan's promise


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