YRKKH 22nd May 2024 Written Update Kaveri's surprise

YRKKH 22nd May 2024 Written Update Kaveri’s surprise

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YRKKH 22nd May 2024 Written Update Kaveri’s surprise. As Armaan and Abhira stroll outdoors in a sorrowful state of mind, a vendor approaches Armaan to purchase his balloons. Armaan accepts the balloon as Vidya and Manisha try to persuade Kaveri to attend Manish and Swarna’s anniversary celebration. Manisha mentions that Manish has an issue with Armaan being a divorcee, while Vidya brings up Abhira and Armaan’s seemingly fake wedding. Both then comment on how wrong Armaan is. Eventually, Kaveri agrees to attend the anniversary celebration. Surprisingly, while Abhira and Armaan cross paths, they believe it might just be their imagination.

In a shocking turn of events, Kaveri decides to announce the roka ceremony between Armaan and Ruhi during the anniversary party for Manish and Swarna. This leaves Vidya and Manisha speechless as they attempt to dissuade Kaveri from going through with her plan. Despite their efforts, Kaveri remains adamant about arranging the engagement between Armaan and Ruhi without informing them first. She vows to keep it a secret even as Manisha becomes increasingly restless.

Abhira and Armaan coincidentally run into each other, causing Abhira to swiftly depart. This takes Armaan by surprise. Swarna is given a diamond necklace as a gift from Manish, who then requests that she accept Ruhi and Arman’s proposal. In turn, Swarna becomes upset. During her interview, Abhira is thrilled to see her owner wearing her dress. She eagerly prepares for her upcoming job opportunity. As Abhira is being interviewed, Arman notices her and assumes that she deceived Manisha.

Subsequently, Arman suggests Abhira for the job at his firm. Unfortunately, the company rejects Abhira’s application, leaving her puzzled as to why she isn’t getting any job offers. Seeing Arman again, Abhira misunderstands him. Soon enough, she discovers that Sanjay is scheming against her so she won’t get hired anywhere else. Outraged, she confronts Sanjay and declares that one day she will surpass him. Upon hearing about an internship opportunity, Abhira becomes ecstatic.

Vidya advises Kaveri to reconsider, while Ruhi and Arman make preparations for Manish and Swarna’s anniversary. Seeing Ruhi and Arman together brings joy to Vidya and Kaveri. However, Ruhi wonders if Kaveri will be attending the anniversary. At the same time, Abhira visits a hotel to meet with a client and discovers that it is also the location of Manish and Swarna’s anniversary. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Arman that Abhira is present, and Manish happens to run into her as well.

Feeling compelled, he extends an invitation to Abhira to join them in their celebrations. Despite some initial hesitation from Abhira, she ultimately decides not to attend after seeing the Poddars at the party. Nevertheless, Manish makes sure to share a special moment with her by feeding her cake. Sanjay begins to have doubts about Abhira’s intentions, while Kajal expresses gratitude towards Ruhi for helping Charu. After some contemplation, Abhira decides to move on from the situation.






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