Anupama 23rd May 2024 Written Update Aadhya's fury

Anupama 23rd May 2024 Written Update Aadhya’s fury

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Anupama 23rd May 2024 Written Update Aadhya’s fury. Aadhya eagerly awaits the birthday decoration while Anuj is thrilled to learn that she likes it. However, Aadhya becomes upset upon learning that Anupama had a hand in the decoration, causing her to confront Anuj about involving her. Shruti also questions Anuj’s decision to include Anupama in Aadhya’s special day. Despite Aadhya’s anger and desire for retribution, Anuj becomes frustrated with the situation while Anupama remains excited about her upcoming big day. When food critics visit the restaurant, Anupama proudly introduces herself and the staff, including her pride in the Super Star Chef trophy.

As he struggles to reconcile things between Aadhya and Anupama, Anuj worries about how he will explain things to her later on. The critics themselves also express their excitement for trying out Spice and Chutney’s cuisine.

Anupama 23rd May 2024 Written Update Aadhya's fury

Anupama proudly showed off the Super Star Chef trophy to the guests. Aadhya, however, expressed her dislike for Anupama. Meanwhile, Shruti speculated that Anuj had not included Anupama in their plans. She gently urged Aadhya to calm down and suggested celebrating her upcoming birthday at a different venue. The idea excited Aadhya and she agreed to apologize to Anuj for her behavior. At the food critics event, Yashdeep couldn’t help but wonder if Anupama would make their day even more special. He decided to discuss their new restaurant plans with her after the event.

Yashdeep felt it was the perfect time to open a new branch. And so, with warmth and enthusiasm, Anupama greeted all the guests as they arrived at Spice and Chutney restaurant. After offering an apology to Anuj, Aadhya urges him not to look upset. She then mentions that Shruti has organized a birthday celebration for her outdoors. Grateful, Anuj expresses his thanks to Shruti. However, she advises him to stop pressuring Anupama into Aadhya’s life and insists he should ask her to leave if their daughter has a problem with her. Meanwhile, Paritosh serves pav bhaji to a customer who becomes irate upon receiving the wrong dish. While this unfolds, Anupama grows uneasy and tries to manage the situation.

Frustrated by the customer’s reaction, Paritosh argues back. Feeling anxious, Anupama steps in and warns Paritosh. As Aadhya searches for her birthday cake, Anuj assures her that he has indeed obtained one and assures himself that Anupama will be part of their daughter’s special day regardless of any obstacles. Biji can’t seem to shake her restlessness. She believes Anupama should be in charge of everything. She turns to God for guidance. Meanwhile, Yashdeep contacts Anupama to discuss the state of the spice and chutney business. Anupama reassures him that all is going smoothly. Impressed, Yashdeep decides to surprise her in return. In preparation, Anupama creates a unique dish for the food critics.


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