GHKKPM 23rd May 2024 Written Update Ishaan's feelings

GHKKPM 23rd May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s feelings

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GHKKPM 23rd May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s feelings. Savi recalls Ishaan’s words as she enters the shop. The owner immediately informs her that he is filing an FIR against them. Savi explains that it was simply an accident, but the investigating officer disagrees and points out the presence of cigarettes and petrol in their shop. Savi maintains that they didn’t use petrol in their shop, but the officer insists on submitting his report and asks for their response. The owner also mentions that he will be charging them for his losses before leaving. Savi contemplates Yashwant’s accurate prediction of the accident. Shukla defends their lack of responsibility for the fire at the shop.

Savi believes it was a deliberate plot against them. Just then, Ishaan, Nishikant, and Reeva arrive home. Surekha asks Nishikant about the outcome of Savi’s challenge. Reeva shares how Ishaan helped Savi win the challenge. Surekha reprimands Ishaan for siding with Savi, claiming she tricked him into signing divorce papers. Ishaan storms off in frustration. Nishi expresses concern about Ishaan’s changing behavior towards them. Chinmay arrives and takes Savi’s side in the matter. Savi approaches Yashwant and confronts him for his involvement in a conspiracy against her.

Yashwant dismisses her claims, but Savi presents evidence proving his guilt. Yashwant admits that he sought revenge on Savi for causing the halt of his medical wing. He also reveals his determination to remove her from college and their lives. With this, he storms off. Not one to back down, Savi decides to address Yashwant’s accusations. Meanwhile, Ishaan ponders why Savi signing the divorce papers is affecting him so deeply. Anvi notices Ishaan near Savi’s desk and questions his presence after creating chaos downstairs.

She tries to remind Ishaan of Savi’s importance in his life, but he defends himself by saying that his actions were for the sake of the students. Anvi urges Ishaan to be honest and follow his heart, but he stubbornly tells her to go away. Despite Anvi’s persistence, he explains that Reeva is the one for him, not Savi. Reeva notices Ishaan’s unwavering support for Savi and begins to worry. Surekha approaches Reeva and inquires about her distant demeanor. Reeva reassures Surekha that she is present and accounted for.

Surekha presents the necklace she ordered for Reeva’s engagement, but Reeva expresses uncertainty about whether the engagement will happen or not. When asked why she feels this way, Reeva shares her concerns about Ishaan’s care for Savi. In response, Surekha promises to help Reeva marry Ishaan and assures her that Ishaan only pities Savi and doesn’t truly love her. She advises Reeva to confidently claim her rightful place next to Ishaan. With a smile on her face, Reeva takes in Surekha’s words.


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