Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Ranbir's remark

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Ranbir’s remark

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Ranbir’s remark. RV requests Purvi to jot down her message on the note. She graciously writes “thank you” and hands it to RV. Then, RV kindly reminds Purvi to have some food before departing from the spot. As Purvi ponders over the recent events, she recollects everything that just transpired. RV approaches Vikrant and remembers Purvi’s words. He then brings up a childhood memory they share. RV questions why Vikrant didn’t reprimand him during their earlier argument. He then apologizes and requests forgiveness from Vikrant. Understanding the situation and Purvi’s recent incarceration, Vikrant forgives RV.

Dadi inquires about Harleen’s stressed demeanor, to which Harleen responds that RV seems to have put the past out of his mind. Dadi assures her that this cannot be true since Khushi’s actions led to Hermal’s heart attack. She adds that she herself will never be able to forget the impact of their past on their present. Recalling a previous conversation, Dadi reveals that she discovered Purvi is Khushi’s sibling. As if on cue, Prachi arrives at the Malhotra mansion. Dadi inquires if it’s appropriate to visit Purvi at this hour. Harleen questions why Prachi would show up unannounced. Prachi explains that she’s concerned for Purvi and simply wants to see her. She confesses that she can’t imagine life without her friend.

Harleen suggests Prachi learn to live independently and urges her to leave now and return tomorrow. She adds that it’s time for everyone to retire for the night. Trishna invites Krishna/Ranbir along for some shopping, but he declines due to his busy schedule and asks her not to bother him with such matters. Trishna comments on how other husbands willingly accompany their wives on such outings, but Ranbir reminds her that they only have a marriage of societal expectations, nothing more. Prachi asks Harleen for the second time if she can meet Purvi. Upon seeing her, RV warmly greets Prachi and engages in conversation with her. After their chat, RV gives Prachi permission to visit Purvi. Curious about the situation, Vaishali turns to Harleen for answers.

Calmly, Harleen assures her that she will discuss it with RV at a later time. Monisha notices a shadow and immediately flees from the approaching hoodie-clad man. In her panic, she spots the police and seeks their assistance. Despite their efforts, the authorities are unable to locate the mysterious individual. Meanwhile, Prachi comes across Purvi, who appears to be avoiding food. Concerned for her friend, Prachi feeds her and admires Purvi’s husband, RV. The rest of the family also discusses Purvi with Dadaji, with Harleen expressing concerns that she may cause harm to the family as a daughter-in-law.






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