Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Rajveer's plan

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Rajveer’s plan

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Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Rajveer’s plan. Rajveer reminds himself that Anshuman wronged the Luthras, and as a fellow member of the family, he is determined to retaliate. He resolves to put Anshuman behind bars. When Anshuman reaches out to him, Rajveer agrees to meet at a hotel room. He then updates Karan on the situation and receives well wishes from his friend. Knowing that Karan will join him soon, Rajveer ends the call and turns to Shanaya, questioning Palki’s frequent visits to Shaurya with the police’s permission.

Palki clarifies that she is not there to see Shaurya and Shanaya accuses her of trying to sabotage her relationship with the Luthras. Palki inquires why Shanaya suddenly distrusts her and is met with silence as Shanaya refuses further conversation.

Preeta reminisces about her time with Karan and contemplates why he is constantly on her mind. She resolves to have a conversation with him. Meanwhile, in the Luthra residence, Nidhi pays a visit to Karan in his room. She expresses concern about Karan being near Preeta, fearing for her safety. However, Karan assures her that their interactions are purely casual and he remains ready to answer any questions Preeta may have. With that, Nidhi takes her leave. Preeta urges Rajveer to thoroughly inspect the room. Karan suggests installing cameras for added security. He then emphasizes the importance of Rajveer ensuring that Anshuman confesses his misdeeds and even suggests using force if necessary. However, Preeta advises Rajveer against resorting to violence. Keep reading for Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Rajveer’s plan.

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Rajveer’s plan:

Karan suggests to Preeta and Rajveer the installation of cameras and microphones at the earliest. He reassures Rajveer to not worry as they will be able to monitor everything through the fixed monitor in the room. Preeta believes that Anshuman is oblivious to their plan, making it easier for him to confess. Meanwhile, Anshuman arrives at the hotel and inquires about the business conference room from the receptionist. Nidhi catches a glimpse of Anshuman and hopes to go unnoticed by him. As Anshuman enters the conference room, he notices Rajveer and asks why he appears surprised.

Rajveer is relieved that Karan and Preeta have already left, and expresses his surprise at Anshuman bringing along his team. Anshuman then introduces his lawyer and secretary to Rajveer. Karan and Preeta enter the room, where he asks her to connect the laptop. Together, they view the proceedings in the conference room and are pleased that everything is running smoothly. Karan then reminds Preeta to take her medicine, to which she responds that she will after having something to eat. He kindly offers to order food for her. Meanwhile, Nidhi observes their interaction. Shortly afterward, Preeta heads to the washroom but finds that the door is stuck due to a hairpin placed by Nidhi.

She explains that this means Karan and Preeta will have no chance for romance until Rajveer’s operation is over. With a satisfied smirk, Nidhi departs from the scene. Preeta struggles unsuccessfully to open the door and worries about not being able to start recording without switching it on first, which would ruin Rajveer’s plan. Anshuman inquires of Rajveer if he truly changed his decision. Rajveer hands the file over to Anshuman, explaining that he brought it because he had a change of heart. He expresses confusion as to why the recording has not yet begun. Anshuman passes the file on to his lawyer and reveals that he harbored suspicion towards Rajveer, hence the last-minute change of venue.

He asserts that with Shaurya still in custody, he cannot take any risks. Furthermore, he mentions that Rajveer specifically chose this conference room, prompting him to want to inspect the space. Palki asks Shanaya if she believes herself to be interested in Shaurya. Shanaya acknowledges Palki’s animosity towards Shaurya and acknowledges her attempts to please the Luthra family. Palki clarifies that her involvement is solely for Rajveer and Preeta’s benefit before leaving the room. Anshuman instructs his team to thoroughly search the room, causing Rajveer to become anxious.

He urges them to stop and accuses Rajveer of betrayal, explaining this is why he is acting this way. Hearing Preeta’s screams for help, Kavya and Palki arrive on the scene. Upon seeing their arrival, Preeta asks them to open the washroom. Palki leaves to find someone and returns with hotel staff who are able to open the door. As Preeta switches on the recording device, Rajveer notices a green light indicating that she can now proceed with her mission. He questions Anshuman about his issues with Karan, to which Anshuman responds that he wants Rajveer to team up with him against Karan because he has personal problems with him.






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