Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2024 Written Update New Twists

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2024 Written Update New Twists

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2024 Written Update New Twists. Deepika approaches Vikrant and brings up RV. Vikrant informs her that RV has apologized for his actions and insists that Deepika’s perception of RV is incorrect. Reminding Vikrant that RV publicly insulted him in front of Yug, Deepika points out that even the rest of the world witnessed it, and that RV only apologized in private. She then goes on to suggest that Purvi may be responsible for RV’s change in behavior and urges Vikrant to see the truth for himself. However, Vikrant chooses to disregard Deepika’s words. As Harleen calls everyone downstairs, Deepika asks Vikrant to join them. The entire Malhotra family discusses Purvi, while Harleen reminds Dadaji that Purvi is Khushi’s sister and cautions him against blindly trusting her innocence.

Upon RV’s arrival, he immediately inquires about the events that took place. He questions if he is at fault. Vaishali assures him that although a mistake was made, it was not his doing, but rather the person who manipulated him. Deepika also has some thoughts on the matter. RV acknowledges his wrongdoing and sincerely apologizes to Vikrant once again. Harleen reminds RV that their family never intended for Purvi to be released from prison and points out how he went behind their backs to make it happen. She brings up how RV married Purvi solely for revenge against Khushi. RV admits to recalling this and states that he will personally make sure Purvi suffers, not someone else.

Harleen emphasizes the importance of ending this game with RV marrying Monisha, regardless of where it may lead. She insists that he consult with her before taking any further action regarding Purvi. Just then, Prachi joins RV and the others. The culprit who had given Monisha fake money gives her a call, demanding his money back and questioning her about why she reported him to the police. Monisha recognizes him as the person who had frightened her while wearing a hoodie. She promises to return his money tomorrow and remarks him. Worried that Monisha might not follow through, the culprit considers revealing the truth about the counterfeit currency to her family.

Prachi explains to the Malhotra family that Purvi may have been misunderstood and suggests they spend some time with her to get to know her better. She also assures them that Purvi will be proven innocent. As Vaishali mentions the upcoming court hearing, Harleen asks Prachi to leave. Vaishali makes a snide comment before Prachi exits. RV glances at Purvi and relives Harleen’s words before going to sleep. Prachi arrives back home, unhappy with the Malhotra family’s constant reminders of their status difference. Vishaka chimes in, commenting on how money can change people. A Goon phones Monisha, asking if she plans to deliver the money as promised. Irritated, Monisha agrees and tells him to stop calling her.

The Goon plots his escape from the city once he receives the payment. Meanwhile, Purvi attempts to talk to Dadi but is shut down by Dadi who refuses to listen and asks Purvi to leave. Despite Purvi’s protests of innocence regarding counterfeit currency, Dadi does not believe her and orders her out of the room. Harleen is instructed by Dadi to keep Purvi away from her and takes it upon herself to forcefully remove Purvi from Dadi’s room and lock the door behind them.






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