Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's confession

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s confession

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Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s confession. Aadhya prevents Anuj from pursuing Anupama, who ultimately exits Anuj’s life. Yashdeep instructs his employees to give him some space. Vikram and Rahul show their support for Anupama, while Biji advises Yashdeep against getting angry with her. Yashdeep expresses concern that Anupama should have prioritized her job over answering Anuj’s call, fearing negative reviews for his restaurant. Rahul has reservations about Paritosh, while Biji urges Yashdeep to brace himself for the incoming storm and hire a lawyer. Hasmukh confides in Leela about his restlessness and worry for Anupama’s well-being. Leela shares his concerns and Vanraj reassures them both. Hasmukh sends well wishes to Dimple and Anupama for everything to turn out alright.

Anupama 26th May 2024 Yashdeep loses his cool:

Anupama holds her ears and apologizes to Aadhya. Anupama’s saree gets stuck to Anuj’s watch. She couldn’t leave because of this surprising turnout. Anuj and Anupama cry. Aadhya remains insensitive. She doesn’t let Anuj go after her. Anupama frees her saree cloth by a sudden pull and makes a leave. Shruti watches them. Yashdeep asks the staff to leave him alone. Vikram and Rahul defend Anupama and tell Yashdeep that someone has done this deliberately. Yashdeep says that Anupama has been careless about attending a call by leaving work. He knows she always loses focus because of Anuj and their family drama. He feels sorry for the restaurant. Paritosh gets glad. Yashdeep finds him smiling.

Paritosh leaves the restaurant. Yashdeep tells them that they will suffer a lot if Mrs. Smith files a complaint against them in the food department. He fears that everything will go viral on social media. Rahul shares his doubts about Paritosh’s involvement in the mess. Yashdeep loses his cool. He feels frustrated over the incident. Biji advises him to take legal advice first. She says that they should be prepared to face the upcoming storm.

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's confession

Kinjal receives a shock:

Hasmukh is eager to talk to Anupama. He feels restless that Anupama didn’t call back till now. He wants to know what’s wrong. Leela shares her same worry. Vanraj asks them to stop worrying because Paritosh and Kinjal haven’t informed them anything yet. Hasmukh wishes Dimpy’s marriage faces no hurdle. Kinjal watches the news and wonders how did this happen. Paritosh tells her about Anupama making the biryani with the cockroach topping. He adds that the food critics will ruin the restaurant’s reputation. He tells her that Anupama’s career is over, she got defamed and she can never get back the lost pride.

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's confession

Kinjal asks him to have some shame and not mock Anupama. She knows Anupama can never make such a mistake. Paritosh tells him that he had served the dish, while Anupama behaved carelessly in front of the critics. She suspects his involvement. She asks him if he has done this. Paritosh admits that he had put the cockroaches in the dish. He asks her to prove it if she can. Kinjal is stunned. Anupama weeps in sorrow. She finds a goon trapping a woman in the same way as he fooled her for money. She stops the goon and bashes him for stealing her luggage. She says that she will not let him cheat someone else.

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's confession

Anupama breaks down:

She vents anger by angrily bashing him. The man runs away. Anupama says that innocent people have to bear the punishment always. She shouts that she isn’t a careless woman, she isn’t at fault, but still, she is facing a downfall. The people gather there and make a video of her, laughing at her and asking for the recipe of cockroach recipe. She gets defamed. She is left with no option but to hide her face and run off.

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's confession

Shruti questions Anuj:

Shruti asks Anuj why should they suffer because of Anupama. He says that it’s foul play, it’s not Anupama’s mistake, it’s his mistake to make a video call to Anupama and show her Aadhya’s cake cutting. He feels at fault that he disturbed her. He adds that the Shah family always cursed her, and even Aadhya cursed her. Shruti asks her not to blame himself, maybe Anupama made a mistake. He believes Anupama can never do this. He tells her that Anupama cares about hygiene and she can never make such a big mistake. He shouts that he knows his Anupama well. He feels bad that Yashdeep accused Anupama and shouted at her. He says that Anupama won’t stay at Yashdeep and Paritosh’s house.

He wants to know where is she right now. Shruti gets upset and goes away. He thinks to message Kinjal and ask. Kinjal messages him to ask about Anupama. Anuj unwillingly calls Yashdeep and asks about Anupama. Yashdeep says that he has no idea about her. He asks him not to worry, Anupama will come back to him. He adds that nobody can take Anuj and Anupama away. Anuj rushes to find Anupama. Anupama dreams of Kanta. She regrets coming to the States to prove herself.

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update Paritosh's confession

She admits that she has worked hard and given many difficult tests posed by her fate, but still, she has failed. She loses the courage to get up and fight. She doesn’t want to tolerate anything further. She shouts out her feelings. She wants to know why did this happen to her when she didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. She shares her pain about Aadhya. She is shattered thinking of Aadhya’s hatred. She says that she wants to spread happiness in everyone’s life, but just gets tears in return. Kanta asks her to stay strong and believe in herself. She reminds Anupama of the truth. She motivates Anupama to prove everyone wrong and clear her name by finding the perpetrator. She prepares Anupama for another test of fate. Anupama embraces her and asks her to never leave her. She says that she wants to go with Kanta. She rests in Kanta’s lap and sobs.






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