Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update Purvi accused

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update Purvi accused

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update Purvi accused. Purvi approaches RV and mentions Dadi’s anger towards her. She clarifies that she is not at fault, to which RV responds. Due to his work commitments, RV informs Purvi that he has to go to the office. Purvi then requests a ride to the temple on their route. While in the car, she stares at RV, leading him to ask why. She explains her unease with a comment, and RV drops her off at the temple. At the same time, Purvi spots Monisha giving Sukhi money and urging him to temporarily leave town. Vishaka and Khushi are staying in a new house, but Khushi questions why they cannot return home. Vishaka insists they cannot as it is no longer their property and invites Khushi inside for further explanation.

Prachi joins them and discusses their predicament with Khushi, who offers her assistance despite knowing she will not accept it from her daughters. Prachi asks Khushi to be patient as things will eventually improve. However, Khushi questions the purpose of their efforts since her family’s poverty has caused false accusations against Purvi. Vishaka inquires about the situation and Khushi explains that the Malhotra family is blaming Purvi for stealing money and giving it to them. This angers Vishaka as she wonders how they could think such a thing. She decides to confront the Malhotras, but Prachi intervenes, reminding her not to cause more trouble for Purvi.

Later, Prachi assures Khushi that everything will work out thanks to her job. Khushi then suggests that Prachi accept her help if necessary. Prachi agrees with Khushi’s suggestion. Purvi notices Monisha driving away. She enters the temple and prays for everyone’s well-being. While there, she overhears Sukhi discussing a deal on the phone. He mentions exchanging counterfeit currency for real money, recalling his previous mistake when he got into trouble for giving fake money to someone who later used it at the hospital.

Determined to uncover the truth, Purvi decides to tail Sukhi. Meanwhile, Vishaka and Diya pay a visit to the Malhotra mansion to speak with Harleen. Vishaka defends Purvi, stating that she would never steal from them and didn’t even know about their family’s difficulties until Monisha confided in her. Vaishali interjects with her opinion, which triggers an outburst from Harleen. She accuses Purvi of stealing from their household to fulfill her maternal family’s desires. However, Vishaka stands firm in her belief that Purvi is innocent. Harleen dismisses their conversation and storms off in frustration. As Sukhi notices Purvi trailing him, he quickly takes off on his bike.

Despite her attempts, Purvi is unable to catch him. Sukhi then calls Monisha to warn her, as Purvi had tried to chase him down at the temple. Monisha pleads for Sukhi to avoid getting caught by Purvi. Meanwhile, at the dining table, the Harleen and Malhotra family eagerly await their meal. Purvi serves everyone food, but Deepika makes a remark about her. Just then, Monisha joins them at the table and receives praise from Vishaka and Deepika. Purvi witnesses this and realizes that even if she reveals Monisha’s involvement in switching out the money with counterfeit bills, no one would believe her. Harleen compliments Purvi on her cooking skills but also reminds her that their family’s reputation has been tarnished because of her actions.






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