Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update Shaurya's stand

Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update Shaurya’s stand

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Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update Shaurya’s stand. Upon hearing Anshuman’s account of events, the Police Inspector is informed that Rajveer is attempting to steal Anshuman’s important file at the behest of Karan. However, Rajveer denies this and claims that Anshuman is lying. Furthermore, Anshuman shows the injuries he sustained in an alleged attack by Rajveer. This development surprises Rajveer and leads to his arrest by the police. In defense, Rajveer asserts his innocence to Police Inspector while Anshuman accuses the Luthras of trying to ruin his business. In a fit of rage, Rajveer physically confronts Anshuman but is quickly taken into custody by the police.

Witnessing all this, Karan, Preeta, and Palki are left in shock. As Karan approaches the Police Inspector to plead for Rajveer’s release, he is swarmed by media reporters who have taken notice of him. Despite Karan’s efforts, the Police Inspector maintains that he will not tolerate any interference in this matter. Meanwhile, Rajveer urges Karan not to argue with the police as they escort him away from the scene. Karan insists that Rajveer is innocent, but Anshuman warns him to stay away from the situation. In response, Karan threatens to ruin Anshuman’s reputation.

Anshuman sarcastically thanks Karan and questions why he is so angry about Rajveer’s arrest. Undeterred, Karan warns Anshuman to free Shaurya and Rajveer from lockup or face consequences. He even goes as far as threatening to send Anshuman to jail himself. However, Anshuman suggests that Karan give up his property to secure Shaurya’s release. Refusing to back down, Karan vows to uncover Anshuman’s true nature as a criminal. As Anshuman smugly wishes him luck and leaves, Karan takes solace in having obtained a confession from him. He then turns to Preeta and Palki for help in saving Rajveer and Shaurya.

Together, they head to the conference room where they gather cameras and microphones in hopes of finding evidence against Anshuman. Unfortunately, Preeta discovers that all recordings are missing, leaving them without proof against him. Frustrated, she asks how this could have happened. Anshuman arrives and reveals that he deleted the recordings by hacking their laptop. He boasts to Karan about his business cunningness, explaining why he didn’t trust Rajveer. Anshuman confides in having seen one of the cameras, leading him to contact the police. He declares himself as over-smart before departing from the scene.

Preeta weeps worriedly, questioning what will happen next. Karan assures her to stay calm, assuring to release Shaurya and Rajveer from custody. Palki insists on their innocence and confidently states that they will be freed soon. Karan grumbles under his breath, promising not to let Anshuman get away with it. The constable escorts Rajveer into Shaurya’s cell, where the police inspector notes that the two men appear to be brothers. Shaurya inquires about Rajveer’s arrest, but Rajveer insists he did not come to amuse Shaurya and instead accuses him of being responsible for his predicament. Shaurya shows no compassion for Rajveer’s situation. Meanwhile, Kavya and Kareena are glued to the breaking news at the Luthra house, while Nidhi reprimands Karan for being distracted by Preeta instead of their mission. She holds Preeta accountable for everything.






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