YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's New Job

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira’s New Job

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YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira’s New Job. Sanjay advises against hiring Abhira. When the man asks for the reason, Sanjay reminds him that if he wants his uncle to become a lawyer, he should follow his order. As Abhira notices Sanjay, he assumes she has ill intentions towards his children and advises her to focus on her own life instead. Feeling frustrated with her circumstances, Abhira prays to God for assistance. However, things take a turn when she receives a job offer from a wedding planning company and accepts it to save her resort. Her boss then decides to give her a makeover. Meanwhile, Kaveri, Vidya, and Manisha are waiting for a wedding planner while Kaveri’s health deteriorates. Vidya asks Manisha to attend the meeting with the wedding planner on their behalf but then decides to take Kaveri back herself. This prompts Abhira to step up and meet with the client personally.

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's New Job

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update:

Abhira finds Sanjay bribing the man to reject her in the job interview. Sanjay doesn’t care when he spots Abhira. He wants to punish her for misleading his children. He drives off. Abhira says that she hates the universe. She meets a wedding planner, who seeks her help. She asks Abhira to pick the flowers and follow her. Abhira finds the wedding planner struggling with the tasks. She helps them and tells them that she will fix everything. The team applauds her work. Abhira says that she didn’t get a job at the law firm. The lady offers her a job. She says that they do good work by planning weddings.

Abhira says that she is a lawyer. The lady offers 50000rs as a salary to her. Abhira remembers she needs the money to fix the resort kitchen. She accepts the job to save her resort. The lady asks her to start the work right away. She asks Abhira to change her clothes and get a makeover so that she can impress the clients. Kaveri, Vidya, and Manisha wait for the wedding planner. Abhira reaches the café to meet them.

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's New Job

Kaveri feels unwell. Vidya and Manisha suggest that they go home and meet the wedding planner later. Vidya says that she will take Kaveri home, while Manisha can stay back to meet the wedding planner. Abhira comes in front of the car. Kaveri gets angered by the person and goes to lecture her. She doesn’t see Abhira who rushes away for her work. Vidya asks if that girl is Abhira. Kaveri asks her not to mention Abhira’s name. Manisha keeps patience. Abhira bumps into her.

Abhira learns her new role:

Manisha is surprised to see her. Abhira apologizes to her. Manisha asks her to give her address. She says that she will come to meet her. Abhira doesn’t want Manisha to fall into a new drama. She asks the waiter about her clients. The waiter tells her that Manisha is her client. Manisha is shocked to know that Abhira is Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding planner. Abhira is shocked to know her first assignment, and the Poddars being her clients. She decides to walk out. Manish calls his relative to ask for some help. The man agrees to help him. Manish shares his opinion about Armaan. The man asks him to be positive and bless Ruhi. They decide to meet at some restaurant.

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's New Job

Ruhi is engaged in pleasing the family members. She is glad that Charu has come to dine with the family. Aryan misses Abhira. Ruhi gets upset that everyone is comparing her with Abhira. Krish apologizes to Ruhi but addresses her as Abhira.

Armaan witnesses this and stops Ruhi from leaving. He asks the cousins to stop mentioning Abhira’s name, as Abhira will never come back. Abhira makes a dramatic entry into the house, dancing to a wedding song. Abhira surprises one and all. Abhira goes into a flashback and remembers how she tried to turn down the offer. She gets helpless when the lady compels her to take up Poddars’ event. Manisha asks Abhira not to hurt herself by becoming Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding planner. She is hopeful that things will change if Abhira comes back home. Kaveri asks Abhira how did she come back.

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's New Job

Sanjay advises Kaveri:

Manisha tells her that Abhira is the wedding planner. Abhira says that she has come at Kaveri’s request, she is Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding planner and she has come just to do her work. Abhira says that the functions are her responsibility, she will come only for the work purpose and nothing else. She makes a leave. Sanjay asks Kaveri to snatch Abhira’s pride, instead of her job. Kaveri agrees with him. She begins to belittle Abhira. Madhav asks Sanjay if he wants to insult Abhira. Sanjay tells that Kaveri will humiliate Abhira. Madhav asks them to spare Abhira. Kaveri hates Abhira who just has problems for them.

YRKKH 26th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's New Job

Abhira overhears Kaveri’s motives. She stays determined to focus on her work. Madhav warns Kaveri against her wrongdoings. Vidya is confident that Armaan and Abhira’s relationship can never form. Ruhi grows worried hearing Madhav’s warning. Kaveri asks her to relax. She doesn’t think Abhira can do anything. Kaveri commands Abhira and troubles her. Abhira keeps a smile on her face and follows the orders.






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