GHKKPM 27th May 2024 Written Update New Track

GHKKPM 27th May 2024 Written Update New Track

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GHKKPM 27th May 2024 Written Update New Track. As Savi prepares to leave for court, she notices that Shukla has fainted. She quickly awakens him and assures him that they will take him to the hospital. Seeing Savi’s concern for Shukla, Bhawar Patil comes up with a plan. He dresses a constable as Shukla and tells Savi that there is no need to worry so she can go to court. Meanwhile, Surekha reminds Ishaan to eat curd and sugar before his court appearance. As he thinks about Savi, he heads off to the courtroom. There, the Judge asks both Savi and Ishaan why they want a divorce.

Savi explains that their forced marriage was due to circumstances beyond their control, while Ishaan also voices his grievances towards Savi. The Judge comments on their situation and promises them a quick divorce within a month. After Ishaan arrives home, Surekha immediately informs him that they need to leave for the temple. She reminds him that they will be staying there tonight and mentions their engagement the next morning.

However, Ishaan regrets that he won’t be able to join them due to work commitments. He promises to meet them directly at the temple after completing his tasks. Meanwhile, Savi expresses her desire to visit the temple of Harini. Unfortunately, Ishaan’s car breaks down on the way, forcing him to take a bus to reach the temple. Ishaan and Sachin both ascend the temple steps, each carrying a loved one in their arms – Ishaan with Savi, and Sachin with Sayali. As they reach the top, Sayali glances at Sachin and remarks to Savi about some people’s fear of responsibility. Savi responds with an observation about how some use responsibility as an excuse for their mistakes. Ishaan chimes in, reassuring Savi that he will always fulfill his duties no matter what. Keep reading for GHKKPM 27th May 2024 Written Update New Track.

GHKKPM 27th May 2024 Written Update New Track

GHKKPM 27th May 2024 Written Update New Track:

While riding on the bus, Sayali, Sachin, and Savi are joined by Ishaan. Sayali inquires if Ishaan and Savi are heading to the mandir as well. Savi remarks to Ishaan before Reeva calls him. Worried, Surekha advises Reeva not to stress because Ishaan will arrive soon. Reeva is concerned about not wanting Savi to interfere with her engagement. In a comfortable position, Sayali falls asleep on Sachin’s shoulder without him disturbing her. When she wakes up, Savi suggests that Sachin switch seats with her. They do so and Sachin expresses his gratitude towards Savi. He then proposes that he and Ishaan sit separately from their wives to avoid being blamed for everything. Ishaan agrees with him.

Sayali questions Savi if her spouse also sees her as a burden, but Savi assures her that Ishaan is not her husband. Sayali urges her not to lie about it. After a brief stop, the group gets off the bus to have snacks. Ishaan suggests that Savi should have some coffee. However, she reminds him to focus on his engagement and departs. Another passenger interrupts Sachin, inquiring about the temple’s location. Sachin responds with a snide comment. Sayali defends the passenger and asks Sachin to refrain from mocking him. As they enter a hotel, Sayali realizes her purse is missing and turns to Sachin for help.

Initially, he advises her to just let it go, but she explains that her mother gave her something special to offer at the temple, which was in her purse. In a joint effort, they search for the missing bag but do not find it. Sachin urges Sayali to recall where she may have left it. She remembers leaving it in his bag and promptly retrieves it from there. Sachin takes another jab at her, resulting in Sayali refusing to speak to him until they return home and walk away.

Savi informs Harini that she was not aware of Ishaan’s plans to travel on the same bus, otherwise she would have cancelled her trip. She then meets Sayali and casually asks if she had an argument with her husband, to which Sayali responds as usual. Their attention is diverted when they notice some men producing illegal liquor nearby. They attempt to leave the area but are caught by the liquor producers. Sachin realizes that Sayali is missing and receives a call from her saying that both she and Savi are in trouble. Before he can do anything, one of the goons snatches the phone from Sayali.

Sachin quickly informs Ishaan about the situation and they rush to rescue Savi and Sayali. Fortunately, they manage to untie them from their restraints but not before Savi injures her feet. Upon reaching the bus station, they discover that their bus has already left with their belongings still on it. The bus depot staff informs them that the next available bus is scheduled for the following day. Savi decides to stay at the depot while she looks for other transportation options and Ishaan offers to stay with her.

Ishaan convinces Savi that it would be beneficial to stay in a hotel, and she agrees. Sachin and Sayali reserve a single room and Sachin covers the cost, remarking that these expenditures are on Sayali’s account. Ishaan and Savi also choose to stay at the same hotel. Upon arrival, they discover there are no available rooms. In a gracious gesture, Sachin offers for them to share their room. Ishaan insists on paying for his portion of the accommodation, but Sachin refuses the help.


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