Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2024 Written Update Purvi's plan

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2024 Written Update Purvi’s plan

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2024 Written Update Purvi’s plan. As Monisha enters the kitchen, she instructs Purvi to clean up as well. She reminds Purvi of her status in the household and how much she means to the family. Purvi acknowledges this and shares that she saw something interesting – RV handing money to someone who deals with counterfeit currency. Monisha dismisses this by saying she is investing in his business, but Purvi remains determined to uncover the truth. Monisha questions if Purvi is challenging her once again, but Purvi stands by her words and leaves. Monisha declares she won’t allow Purvi to go through with her plans this time. Later on, RV comes home after a long day at work. Purvi tries to invite him for dinner, but he requests her not to act like a stereotypical wife.

Purvi then shares that she has been waiting for him to tell her about his plans to go to Prachi’s house tomorrow. Prachi is surrounded by many people in this house, but she finds herself eating alone. When Yug approaches Purvi and notices her stress, she assures him of her innocence. However, she also mentions that RV’s behavior towards her has been different despite bailing her out. Yug reminds Purvi that RV is easily persuaded by others and reassures her that things will improve in the future. As Purvi enters the room, she sees RV without a shirt on and comments.

Later, when RV leaves for his office without his wallet, Purvi follows him to return it but becomes upset with his rude attitude and decides to let him retrieve it on his own. This leads to an argument between them and Purvi makes another comment about RV. Eventually, RV goes to work while Purvi gets ready and heads over to Prachi’s house. Purvi visits Prachi’s place and while Prachi goes to prepare tea, Vishaka shares with Purvi how the Malhotra family mistreated Prachi. She further speculates that the forged currency could be linked to someone in the Malhotra household. Just then, Prachi arrives with tea for Purvi.

While waiting for an auto, RV unexpectedly shows up and asks Purvi why she’s still there. She informs him that she is waiting for a ride home. RV suggests that he give her a ride, but Purvi remembers his past behavior towards her and declines the offer. RV makes a snide remark about Purvi before leaving the scene. Purvi notices Sukhi exiting the auto and attempts to approach her, but Sukhi tries to shake her off. RV witnesses Purvi’s struggle in the side mirror and steps in to confront Sukhi. As Purvi runs towards Sukhi, she unfortunately slips and falls. RV rushes over to help Purvi, while Sukhi manages to escape.






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