GHKKPM 28th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan's dilemma

GHKKPM 28th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s dilemma

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GHKKPM 28th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s dilemma. Ishaan’s family waits patiently at the temple, but his mother grows restless due to the delay of Ishaan and Savi. The tension in the air is palpable as Reeva begins to wonder if Ishaan is with Savi. However, his mother assures her that this couldn’t have happened. As Sachin and Ishaan go to the temple with their wives, Savi injures her leg. Despite Ishaan’s attempts to help her, she refuses his assistance. He doesn’t want to leave her alone, while Sayali also starts feeling nervous about climbing the long stairs leading up to the temple. In an unfortunate turn of events, Savi falls and Ishaan quickly scoops her into his arms.

Seeing this, Sayali also becomes exhausted and injures her leg. Thankfully, Sachin brings some leaves for Sayali to rest her legs on. Feeling apologetic for misunderstanding him earlier, Sayali is impressed by Sachin’s kind gesture. The men struggle to reach the temple with their injured wives. Meanwhile, Reeva becomes worried upon seeing Ishaan arrive with Savi and she lashes out at him before Savi explains what happened. Ishaan apologizes for being late. Before attending the engagement, Sayali and Sachin both offer Puja to Matarani. Sachin becomes intrigued when he sees a bag and asks Sayali about it. She graciously gifts him with an auspicious locket. The kindness of Sayali leaves a lasting impression on Sachin.

Not only does Savi also offer Pooja to God, but she also prays for her parents. However, when Ishaan utters insulting words, Savi feels hurt. Sachin and Sayali can’t understand why Ishaan and Savi are not getting married, and they sympathize with them. Curious about Ishaan’s decision, Sachin directly asks why he is not marrying Savi. Ishaan admits that he doesn’t love Savi, but even he is confused about his feelings. Ultimately, Sachin realizes that this engagement cannot continue for the sake of Ishaan and Savi’s happiness. He abruptly stops the music drums playing in the background. Unfortunately, Savi faces humiliation from Surekha and Yashwant. Ishaan hesitates to put the ring on Reeva’s hand due to his conflict. Ishaan and Reeva get engaged. Savi gets heartbroken. Keep reading for GHKKPM 28th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s dilemma.

GHKKPM 28th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s dilemma:

Bhawar Patil inquires about Savi’s whereabouts and Harini responds, informing him that she is currently at the temple performing a Puja for her parents’ death anniversary. Meanwhile, Reeva assures Surekha over the phone that they are on their way home, to which Surekha asks if Savi is with them. However, Reeva reveals that Savi is not with them and ends the call. This piques Ishaan’s curiosity and he asks Reeva what Surely was asking about. Reeva explains that it was about Savi and goes on to accuse her of deliberately staying behind. Ishaan defends Savi and tells Reeva to stop speaking ill of her. As they argue, they narrowly avoid an accident caused by a jammed road. Asking a passerby for an explanation, Ishaan discovers that an oil tanker has blocked the road.

Harini receives a call from Savi, who explains that she was held up at the Dhaba due to heavy traffic. Harini relays this information to Bhawar, who promptly departs. Meanwhile, Reeva and Ishaan happen to arrive at the same Dhaba where Savi is located. After spotting Savi, Reeva makes a remark about her. Ishaan dismisses it as mere coincidence, but Reeva disagrees. As they observe everyone dancing joyfully, Reeva decides to join in and dances with Ishaan. Ishaan’s heart urges him to confess his love for Savi, and he does so by proposing marriage to her. Overjoyed, Savi embraces him.

Reeva also expresses her love for Ishaan, who suddenly notices her presence. Amused, she comments on his newfound romantic side in front of everyone. Realizing that he mistook Reeva for Savi in the moment, Ishaan is devastated when he sees Savi crying. He leaves the scene, with Reeva asking why he’s leaving and Ishaan making up an excuse. Later on, Bhawar Patil approaches Savi at the dhaba while Ishaan and Reeva return home. Swathi and Surekha are curious about Reeva’s happiness, so she shares how Ishaan proposed to her at the dhaba. Durva playfully teases Ishaan in response to the news. Bhawar inquires Savi about her time spent alone at the dhaba, but she remains silent. He drops her off at her home without receiving any gratitude from her. Harini takes responsibility for Savi’s unsociable behavior and apologizes to Bhawar.

Expressing his concern for Savi, Bhawar excuses himself from the conversation. Feeling guilty for confessing his feelings for Reeva in front of Savi, Ishaan contacts Harini to ensure that Savi has arrived home safely. Despite several attempts, both Harini and Shukla fail to respond to Ishaan’s calls. Growing increasingly worried, he decides to visit Savi’s residence to check on her well-being.


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