Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update Monisha's act

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s act

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s act. RV inquires why Purvi was chasing the man. She reveals his identity as Sukhi, a dealer of counterfeit currency. RV then asks if she wants his assistance in tracing the source of the fake money at the hospital, to which she confirms yes. Before departing in his car, RV arranges for an auto for Purvi. Meanwhile, Sukhi informs Monisha that Purvi tried to catch him again and this time RV joined in. He warns Monisha to be cautious around Purvi. However, Monisha assures him that she can handle herself and ends the call. Monisha confronts RV at his arrival and questions him about why he didn’t make time to see her after his return from Mumbai.

RV admits he was preoccupied and had forgotten. Monisha expresses her concern that Purvi may be taking advantage of RV’s attention. She fears that Purvi will eventually turn RV against her and break their promise. In response, RV reassures Monisha that he will keep his word and marry her, urging her not to worry. Unbeknownst to them, Purvi overhears their discussion before quietly leaving. Purvi ponders the reason for her sadness upon hearing that RV plans to marry Monisha, even though she was aware of their relationship from the beginning of her marriage. As she talks to herself, Diya overhears and asks why Purvi is still living in the same house as RV and Monisha. Purvi replies that she doesn’t have an answer.

Diya then questions whether Purvi wants to be with RV or not, to which Purvi again responds with uncertainty. Diya empathizes with Purvi’s love for RV and suggests she talk to him about it or else Diya will do it herself. However, when Purvi refuses to talk, Diya makes her swear that she will speak to RV today. Before leaving, Diya gives Purvi food prepared by Prachi. The servant opens the door as Astha approaches. She inquires about Gajendra’s availability and the servant confirms it. As Astha catches a glimpse of Krishna, Trishna takes notice.

Curious, she asks for Astha’s identity to which she responds that she is working for Gajendra. However, her employment is short-lived as Trishna dismisses her on the spot. Disheartened, Monisha seeks comfort from RV who reassures her of keeping his promise. He then asks about the project he assigned her, to which Monisha reveals that she left the file at home and rushes off to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Gajendra inquires if Astha stopped by to meet him but Trishna informs him of her decision to fire her due to lack of trustworthiness.

Despite Trishna’s explanation, Gajendra stands by Astha’s efficiency and Krishna questions why she was let go. In response, Trishna states that Astha was not reliable. This prompts Gajendra to disapprove of her actions and causes Trishna to storm off in frustration. Monisha approaches Purvi and taunts her. In response, Purvi accuses Monisha of orchestrating the situation to incriminate her. Monisha challenges Purvi, asking if she can provide any evidence. She also reiterates that Purvi’s departure is imminent. With that, she exits.






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