YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

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YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist. Armaan dons his Sherwani, amazing Vidya, and pleasing Kaveri. But Armaan feels uneasy and is questioned by Kaveri. He admits to feeling uncomfortable, but Charu suggests that it may be because he misses Ruhi. As they wait for her, Kaveri blames Abhira for the delay. However, Armaan defends her. Meanwhile, Ruhi tries on her wedding outfit and Abhira is mesmerized by Armaan. But Madhav is shocked to learn that Armaan and Abhira’s divorce is not yet finalized. In a desperate attempt to secure the wedding, Sanjay orders his lawyer to bribe the judge to grant Armaan and Abhira’s divorce. Otherwise, he fears Kaveri will rebuke him for the lie.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist:

Vidya expresses her admiration for Armaan’s appearance. Kaveri inquires about her discomfort. Armaan responds with a negative answer. Charu suggests that he may be missing his bride. Kaveri explains the delay in Abhira and Ruhi’s arrival. Vidya assures that Ruhi will be joining them soon. As Ruhi descends the stairs, Abhira notices Armaan and tries to maintain a professional demeanor instead of showing any emotional vulnerability. Manish, on the other hand, becomes emotional upon receiving a call from Sushant. He reassures Sushant that he is not afraid of losing anything and is willing to mortgage their house for Ruhi’s sake.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

Madhav expresses his gratitude to lawyer Tyagi for his assistance. Tyagi then requests him to locate a specific file before excusing himself to take a call. While searching, Madhav comes across the case file of Armaan and Abhira. He sadly notes that despite their relationship ending, Abhira still holds a place in their hearts, but her heart was broken and she felt compelled to make this decision. As he reflects on this, a paper slips from the file and Madhav picks it up, reading that their divorce has not yet been finalized. This brings back Sanjay’s earlier words and Madhav remembers overhearing him speaking on the phone about bribing the judge to speed up the divorce process so that Armaan can remarry. Sanjay emphasizes the urgency of this because if Kaveri were to find out, she would never forgive him.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

As Abhira tries to apply kajal to Armaan, he turns towards her. In response, she quickly looks away. Sanjay confidently states that he is willing to do whatever it takes to bribe the judge and ensure this separation happens before the wedding. Upon hearing this, Manisha questions whose separation they are discussing. As Kaveri blesses the union of Armaan and Ruhi, she also applies kajal to them and makes a snide remark towards Abhira. Madhav intervenes by reminding everyone that Armaan and Abhira are still legally married and therefore, Armaan cannot marry Ruhi under any circumstances. He then exits the scene. Kaveri marvels at the unconventional nature of this upcoming wedding as Abhira sheds tears in distress.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

Upon inquiring, Kaveri learns about Abhira’s plans for a bachelor and bachelorette party, which she had agreed to arrange as a favor to Armaan’s friends. However, when Armaan objects saying he has a lot of work to attend to, Kaveri insists that he must attend the party. Manisha adds that it would be more work for Armaan if his client was still married before getting married himself. Sanjay suggests that Armaan should go and enjoy the party instead. Curious to know more, Manisha asks whose separation they were discussing earlier, to which Sanjay replies with Mr. Gupta’s son.

As Armaan expresses disbelief at the situation, Kaveri reminds him that they did not approve of his previous marriage and wants him to finally find happiness after going through a difficult ten months. Abhira backs this up by mentioning that the party expenses are already included in his package. Kaveri reiterates her desire for the events to be memorable while Abhira confidently agrees that they will be.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

Abhira is occupied with the preparations. After ending the call, she joins Kaveri and the rest of the family. Curious about the bachelorette party’s theme, Kaveri inquires about it. Abhira responds that she has chosen a space theme, but Kaveri dismisses it and suggests a disco theme instead. When Abhira asks if Kaveri will be attending, she confirms her presence and questions why shouldn’t she attend. However, Abhira is concerned about Ruhi’s only friend who cannot attend due to an injury and suggests that Ruhi should focus on the arrangements.

Before leaving, Kaveri boasts about her upcoming shocking look at the event. Manisha wonders if Kaveri will wear a mini skirt, but Kajal quickly denies it while Vidya expresses discomfort with short clothes. Abhira assures them that she will arrange comfortable clothing for everyone. Then Ruhi shares her idea of having fireworks at Armaan’s bachelor party, but Abhira has already discussed it with his friends and planned a cool summer look for him instead. Ruhi disagrees with this plan and advises Abhira to remember that no one knows Armaan better than her.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

Kajal informs Sanjay that Madhav refuses to attend the marriage. She requests him to talk to Madhav and explain the situation. Sanjay agrees and contacts Madhav, urging him to come for Armaan’s wedding. He reveals that Abhira and Armaan’s divorce has been approved by the court. However, Madhav questions the validity of the divorce and accuses Sanjay of deceiving them. He threatens to expose Sanjay’s true intentions and take legal action against him. Kajal leaves in disappointment when she realizes that Madhav will not change his mind. However, despite his reservations, Madhav is determined to go home and reveal the truth about Abhira and Armaan’s marriage status. Sadly, he gets into an accident on his way back home.

Ruhi approaches Armaan to help him pick out an outfit for the party. He suggests she choose instead and she agrees, but asks for some time. After browsing through the options, she expresses her concerns about wild behavior at bachelor parties and he assures her he doesn’t partake in drinking or hiring dancers. She jokingly threatens to take matters into her own hands if any inappropriate activities occur. While tying his tie, Ruhi accidentally chokes him and quickly apologizes, offering to untie it. Before they can continue, Abhira enters and cuts the tie to free Armaan.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist

Concerned, she tells him to take deep breaths while Ruhi scolds Abhira for not knocking before entering. Apologizing, Abhira explains that she brought their party clothes and Ruhi instructs her to knock next time before coming in. Armaan questions the need for such formality but Abhira reassures him it’s not a problem. As she exits, Sanjay interrupts with news that their case will be finalized today and also receives a call from Madhav informing him of an accident and asking him not to tell Kaveri. In a rush, he leaves without further explanation. Kaveri discovers that a dancer has been sent to the bachelor’s party by Abhira. Aryan informs her that Abhira is not present. Manish gets worried for Abhira. Kaveri summons Abhira right away. Ruhi shows her faith on Armaan. Mistaken for the hired dancer, Abhira experiences humiliation and Armaan quickly comes to her aid.

YRKKH 29th May 2024 Written Update Accident twist






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