YRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan

YRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan

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YRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan. Armaan is unable to find Abhira, who believes that he is already upset with her. Kaveri recalls the time when Manoj ran away on his wedding day, bringing up memories of the past. Ruhi envisions the party she could have enjoyed with her friends, but becomes angry upon learning that there will be a dancer at Armaan’s party. Sanjay anticipates trouble for Abhira and is pleased by the thought. Ruhi calls Armaan to talk about the upcoming dancers at the party, causing him to decide to leave. She praises Armaan as being the best before Kaveri informs her that Abhira has sent a dancer into his life. Sanjay accuses Abhira of this act while Krish fumes over not having evidence to prove that Sanjay was behind it all.

YRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan

Feeling frustrated, Abhira searches for Armaan in hopes of stopping her plan from unfolding. However, Armaan’s friend interrupts and convinces him to stay at the party. Wondering why his friend is sad, Armaan learns that he is unhappy in his marriage and regrets marrying someone else for his family’s sake. Admitting that he should have listened to his family’s wishes, Armaan reflects on his thoughts about Abhira. Abhira performs in front of Armaan’s friend, who later asks her to entertain them. Sanjay discovers that Madhav is serious, and Manish confronts him for causing trouble for Abhira.

YRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan

Sanjay tells Manish to stop meddling in their family issues and warns him of the consequences of his lavish spending. This leaves Manish shocked. Meanwhile, Kaveri is searching for Abhira while Ruhi notices her tense state and asks about it. Kaveri expresses her concern about Armaan’s concentration being affected by a dancer. She decides to contact Abhira. On the other hand, Krish is worried about Abhira and tries to distract Kaveri from her search. Armaan’s friend mistreats Abhira, but he quickly steps in to help her out of the pool. Armaan then confronts his friend and defends Abhira’s dignity, stating that all women deserve respect.

vYRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan

Despite this, Armaan becomes upset with Abhira for not standing up for herself and mentions that his friend had mentioned her earlier. He decides to speak with Abhira’s boss about the situation, but she explains that her job is valuable to her without elaborating further. This surprise encounter between Abhira and Armaan shocks the Poddars. Armaan faces Sanjay, who expresses his dislike for Abhira. Sanjay then decides to leave Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding. In response, Armaan reassures Abhira of his devotion to her.

YRKKH 31st May 2024 Written Update Savior Armaan






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