GHKKPM 2nd June 2024 Written Update Ishaan's love

GHKKPM 2nd June 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s love

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GHKKPM 2nd June 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s love. Ishaan arrives at the police station and tells Savi she will not spend a minute in jail. After handing over the bail papers to Bhawar Patil, he requests for Savi’s release. However, Savi refuses his aid. Ishaan remarks that she can pay him back later. Without any other option, Bhawar Patil sets Savi free. Ishaan questions her about her presence at the rave party and urges her to stop causing trouble for herself and him. Savi promises to speak to Harini about not calling Ishaan for help and leaves. Meanwhile, Reeva’s parents call Surekha and inquire about their daughter’s whereabouts. Surekha informs them that Reeva is not with her. Spotting Ishaan, she asks if he knows where Reeva is.

He responds negatively. Swanand adds that Reeva left their house shortly after him, making them wonder where she could be now. Upon hearing this, Ishaan and Surekha set out searching for Reeva. In the restaurant, Reeva is seen drinking and becoming intoxicated. Despite Ishaan and Surekha’s efforts to locate her, she remains elusive. Eventually, Reeva speaks to Ishaan on the phone before the waiter intervenes and informs him that Reeva is heavily intoxicated. In response, Ishaan and Surekha make their way to the bar. Reeva approaches Ishaan, requesting him to try the food.

However, he declines. She then gently reminds him that they will be getting married tomorrow. Upon hearing this, Ishaan quietly walks away from the conversation. Later on, he makes his way to Savi’s tea stall and dozes off outside. Savi wakes him up and Ishaan embraces her in a hug. Keep reading for GHKKPM 2nd June 2024 Written Update.

Harini questions Savi about her lack of attention to her feelings. Savi admits she does not have any feelings for Ishaan. Harini shares her thoughts on the matter but Savi refuses to discuss it and goes to sleep. Meanwhile, Ishaan and Surekha arrive at a bar and restaurant where an intoxicated man makes advances towards Reeva. Ishaan intervenes and tries to escort Reeva away, but the situation escalates. Eventually, Ishaan forcibly removes the man from the scene and attempts to take Reeva home. However, Reeva expresses her desire not to return home due to feeling embarrassed. She reminds Ishaan of how he previously left her for Savi and confesses she doesn’t know how she will cope without him.

In response, Ishaan takes Reeva away from the bar and settles her into his car before leaving with her. Surekha blames Ishaan for Reeva’s state and he drives her to her parents’ house where he takes her to her room. Surekha offers her apologies to Reeva’s parents on behalf of Ishaan. She assures them that he will not harm Reeva again because of Savi. Despite Ishaan’s previous actions, Reeva begs him to stay with her, even singing his favorite song in an attempt to entertain him. However, Ishaan can’t help but think about Savi. The next day, Savi helps her neighbor. The neighbor asks about Savi’s job and marriage. Savi reveals she runs a tea stall at the Bhosle Institute and is divorced before leaving.

GHKKPM 2nd June 2024 Written Update Ishaan's love

Meanwhile, Reeva wakes up to Ishaan serving her coffee. She worries that he has left her, but Ishaan apologizes for the previous night and reassures her that Savi will not come between them. In the midst of this, Ishaan receives a call from his lawyer requesting Savi’s signature on some documents. However, Ishaan suggests the lawyer go to Savi directly instead. Upon hearing this, Reeva hugs Ishaan. Savi’s neighbor arrives at her tea stall with a marriage proposal. The neighbor introduces Abhijeet and informs Savi that they have come up with a proposal for her.

Later, the lawyer visits Savi for her signature and she sends them away after signing. Ishaan speaks to the lawyer about Savi and learns that someone has approached her with a marriage proposal. This surprises him. Apologizing to her neighbor, Savi explains that she is not interested in getting married at the moment and wants to focus on her studies instead. The neighbor takes Abhijeet and leaves. Bhawar Patil then comes to seek Savi’s signature for her bail. Ishaan decides to speak to Savi about not getting married and goes to meet her.

GHKKPM 2nd June 2024 Written Update Ishaan's love

Savi says to Bhawar Patil that she will come to the police station if it is for official business. Bhawar Patil assures her that it is not an inconvenience for him and makes a comment about it. Upon seeing Ishaan, he remembers their previous encounter. Bhawar Patil believes that once he puts Ishaan in jail, Savi will see who the real hero is. He then leaves the scene. Savi urges Ishaan to speak quickly and tends to some customers at her tea stall. Ishaan instructs Harini to distribute all of her Poha to the staff at Bhosle Institute and asks Savi to make him a cup of tea.






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