Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update Malishka's new ploy

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update Malishka’s new ploy

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Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update Malishka’s new ploy. Shalu notices the love for Rishi shining in Lakshmi’s eyes and comments on it. She then tries to help Lakshmi realize her feelings for Rishi. Just then, Rishi approaches them and Shalu attempts to leave, but Lakshmi stops her. Rishi playfully teases Lakshmi for being afraid to speak to him alone, causing Shalu to quickly exit the scene. Rishi then asks Lakshmi if she was jealous while he was dancing with Malishka. In response, Lakshmi admits that his dancing was not impressive. With a smirk, Rishi takes this as confirmation of her jealousy. Just as Parvati and Rohan join them, Ayush’s performance is announced and they all leave together.

As Rohan nearly falls, Lakshmi catches him and makes sure he is okay before watching the performance with Parvati and Rohan. During this time, Lakshmi reflects on her deceased son Rohan with sadness in her heart. Kiran pulls Anushka aside and proposes forming a strong team with Malishka to prevent anyone from trying to replace them. Anushka looks confused, prompting Kiran to remind her of the unbreakable bond between Shalu and Lakshmi. Anushka confidently counters that she is not afraid of Shalu, arguing that if Ayush and Shalu were truly meant to be together, they would have already gotten married before she entered the house. She reiterates that she has no fear of Shalu.

Kiran remarks on Anushka’s boldness as they continue their conversation. Shalu notices Lakshmi looking downtrodden and asks her what’s wrong. Lakshmi opens up about missing her son Rohan and feeling guilty for not being able to save him. Shalu consoles her by saying that Rohan is watching over her from wherever he is and wouldn’t want to see her sad. Lakshmi agrees with a nod. Just then, Karishma approaches them, causing Shalu to quickly take Lakshmi away from the situation. Avinash talks to Harleen, pointing out that Lakshmi and Shalu are also present in the house. Concerned, Harleen urges Avinash to keep his voice down in case Karishma overhears and lashes out at him. Indeed, Karishma happens to hear them and defends her actions by explaining that she is acting for the good of the family.

Malishka feels envious as she watches Rishi dancing with Lakshmi and Rohan with Parvati. Aanchal joins her in watching the mismatched pair, making a rude comment about them. This causes Malishka to storm off upstairs with tears in her eyes. Soon after, Kiran approaches her and advises Malishka to calm down and come up with a plan to get rid of Lakshmi from the house. Reminiscing on past events, Malishka reminds Kiran how Rishi previously kicked Lakshmi out when Virendra fell into a coma. She also predicts that Rishi will do the same to Parvati if Neelam gets hurt because of her.

Curious, Kiran asks how this could be possible. With determination, Malishka promises to explain and takes Kiran. As Harleen contemplates Lakshmi, her friend arrives. With a smile, Harleen mentions that she was just thinking about her. She then presents a sacred thread to Lakshmi, explaining that it is blessed by their ancestral deity. She reveals that she had prepared the thread seven years before giving it to any daughter of Lakshmi and Rishi, but unfortunately, this did not come to fruition. Now, Harleen asks if Lakshmi could pass on the sacred thread to Parvati instead. Just then, Rishi joins them and urges Harleen to come downstairs as Rohan is ready to cut the cake. The trio makes their way down together and as Rishi and Lakshmi’s hands touch, they feel a spark between them.






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