GHKKPM 3rd June 2024 Written Update Restless Ishaan

GHKKPM 3rd June 2024 Written Update Restless Ishaan

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GHKKPM 3rd June 2024 Written Update Restless Ishaan. Ishaan and Savi crossed paths at her tea stall, where he expressed concern about her future plans. He suggested that she focus on her studies instead of rushing into marriage. Savi questioned why he was so invested in her decisions, reminding him of their divorced status. Ishaan clarified that he still cared for her as a mentor, but Savi stood firm that he was no longer in that role. Their conversation took a sour turn, with Ishaan making a comment and Savi asserting that it was none of his business and to stop interfering. In a fit of anger, Ishaan knocked over the tea and stormed off.

Nearby, Bhawar Patil overheard their exchange and later discussed it with Shukla who informed him about Abhijeet’s intentions to meet with Savi for a potential marriage proposal. Bhawar Patil’s associates then forcefully took Abhijeet and threatened him to stay away from Savi. Savi’s neighbour confronts her, questioning why she sent goons to attack Abhijeet. Savi denies any involvement in the incident. The neighbour strongly criticizes Savi and decides to file a complaint with the police before leaving. Confused, Savi decides to go speak with Abhijeet about what is happening. Abhijeet gives his statement to the police, identifying the culprits when shown photos. Soon after, Savi, along with Harini and the neighbour, arrives at Abhijeet’s side.

He pleads with Savi to leave, fearing for his safety if spotted with her again by the goons. Savi maintains that she did not send anyone after him. Abhijeet points out that someone who loves her may have orchestrated the attack and voices his disapproval of it. As the cops approach, they inform Savi that she needs to come with them for questioning as Abhijeet’s condition is a result of her actions. Reluctantly, Savi is taken by the police to their station for further investigation. Bhawar Patil inquires Savi’s presence, to which the police inspector responds that Savi is a possible suspect in the attempted murder of Abhijeet.

Bhawar Patil believes Savi is not capable of such actions. Upon understanding the situation, Bhawar Patil decides to interrogate the attackers. He asks Savi if she recognizes them, but she denies any knowledge. After questioning the attackers, Bhawar Patil discovers that Ishaan had hired them to harm Abhijeet. Shocked by this revelation, Savi refuses to believe it. Bhawar Patil brings her to confront the attackers and demands they tell the truth. The men reveal that indeed it was Ishaan who paid them to carry out the attack on Abhijeet. Bhawar Patil takes Savi from the scene, where he has already turned her against Ishaan by claiming that he is still trying to control her life even after their divorce.

Bhawar says that this led to him sending thugs to attack Abhijeet. Believing his words, Savi leaves in a hurry and ends up encountering Ishaan at the police station. There, she confronts him about why he would do such a thing. She also tells him to stop meddling in her affairs. However, Ishaan insists that he would never resort to such violence, but Savi’s doubts are fueled by the thugs’ confession and she makes a disparaging remark before walking away. As Ishaan looks at Bhawar Patil, it becomes clear who orchestrated the whole situation. Ishaan comments on Bhawar Patil’s actions before leaving the scene as well. Indirectly, Bhawar Patil warns Ishaan to stay away from Savi while Ishaan continues to criticize his behavior before departing.

Bhawar Patil arrives at the goons’ location, and they request payment as previously agreed upon. He then instructs them to ensure that Ishaan does not locate them. The goons comply with his request. In a conversation with Harini, Savi discloses that Ishaan was the one who sent the goons to attack Abhijeet. This revelation shocks Harini, and Savi reaffirms the truthfulness of her statement. Reflecting on recent events, Ishaan silently wishes he could confess his love for Savi.






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