Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2024 Written Update Big Goal

Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2024 Written Update Big Goal

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Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2024 Written Update Big Goal. Karan reassures Rakhi that they should focus on the task at hand without worrying about the outcome. In contrast, Preeta advises Rakhi not to let fear hold her back. Meanwhile, Shanaya questions Shaurya about drinking in his room while there is a party happening downstairs. Shaurya explains that he enjoys drinking and this upsets Shanaya, causing her to storm off. He then confides in Sandy that Shanaya’s presence irritates him, and quickly hides his beer bottle when he sees Palki approaching. Sandy notices this and Palki asks if they have seen Shanaya. Shaurya asks Palki if she needs something from him, but she leaves without responding.

Curious about the situation, Sandy questions why Shaurya hid his beer from Palki when he was openly drinking it in front of Shanaya. Shaurya confesses that he is afraid Palki will expose his habit to everyone, whereas Shanaya would keep it a secret. He adds that he believes Shanaya can help him achieve his goal of ruining Rajveer’s life. Sandy is confused and asks what his goal is exactly. Shaurya reveals that he wants revenge on Rajveer for unspecified reasons. Anshuman confronts Karan about the events that have unfolded, citing Karan’s behavior as the cause. When Karan dismisses this as wishful thinking, Anshuman reminds him that despite Preeta being with Karan, he will still not emerge victorious.

Anshuman questions if Karan still dreams about Preeta, to which Karan reacts violently and claims Preeta as his wife. Shaurya and Nidhi intervene, with Nidhi reprimanding Anshuman for interfering and Shaurya threatening him. They escort Anshuman away while he makes a statement about having other commitments. Nidhi admits to overhearing everything and expresses disbelief in Anshuman knowing about Preeta’s marital status. Karan confesses that Anshuman is indeed aware of everything, causing Nidhi to embrace him until Shaurya returns and leaves again upon seeing them together.

Nidhi justifies her actions as a means of flaunting their relationship in front of Shaurya before warning Karan against entertaining any romantic feelings towards Preeta and takes off after Shaurya once more. As Varun arrives at the Luthra house, Kavya inquires about his tardiness. He explains that he had been working tirelessly to provide her with a lavish lifestyle. She then shares about Anshuman’s blackmail and their efforts to defeat him. At that moment, Shaurya and Rajveer enter and Varun reprimands them.

As they both shift the blame onto each other, Preeta intervenes and urges them to leave Varun and Kavya alone. She takes her sons away, adding that she considers them her children and therefore wants to advise them. Preeta believes that Shaurya and Rajveer are individually strong, but together they can face any challenge posed by Anshuman. She asks if they are willing to join forces for the sake of the family. Overhearing this conversation, Rakhi and Karan listen intently.


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