YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love

YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love

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YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love. Vidya declares the start of the lemon spoon game. Ruhi discreetly gestures for Kaveri to join her. Krish begins the countdown and everyone is taken aback when Sanjay joins in. He asks why they are surprised, stating that although they may think he’s not a good person, his family means everything to him. Kaveri beams at him, expressing that he has once again won her heart. Sanjay thinks to himself that he could never disappoint Kaveri. Armaan notices the thread tied around Abhira’s wrist and questions her about it. Ruhi ends up losing the game and frets over it. Swarna assures her that Armaan is with Abhira. Abhira offers to carefully remove the thread herself, while Manisha picks up Ruhi’s bangle and jokes with her about handling it carefully due to its value. As Armaan attempts to untie the thread, Ruhi confidently states that both her wealth and destiny are secure, since Armaan is on her side.

YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love

As Armaan stumbles, Abhira quickly holds his hand. Smiling, she then notices the mehendi on her own hands. Meanwhile, Ruhi emerges as the winner of the sack jumping game and Vidya asks her to sit for the mehendi. Impatiently, Vidya wonders how long she will have to wait. After washing off their mehendi, Abhira tries to calm down a worried Armaan by saying it’s alright, but he notices the color stain left on her hand. Despite her insistence that it was meant for Ruhi and not herself, Armaan reassures her that it’s not a big deal. However, Swarna observes the exchange with curiosity as Armaan ignores a call from Ruhi.

YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love

Abhira stops him from answering and points out an old lady selling flowers nearby who seems to be overcharging customers. But rather than being concerned about the money, Armaan simply explains that the lady needed it and money is not important to him. Abhira proudly announces that she has also started earning now.

Armaan instructs Abhira to sit in the car. She informs him that the car tyre is punctured and he assures her that he will call the mechanic. With a smile, she retrieves the spare tyre. Armaan questions her actions, but she confidently responds that there is no need for a mechanic as they, being middle class people, are capable of handling such situations on their own. He smiles in agreement and misses Ruhi’s calls while Abhira changes the tyre. She teases him about his frequent trips and asks who will help him in such cases, to which he jokingly replies that it’s her responsibility.

YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love

As it starts raining, he urges her to join him under a tree for shelter. However, she insists on finishing up quickly and asks him to take cover while she works. Just as he expresses his concern for her safety, he takes her hand and leads her to seek shelter at a nearby house, leaving his phone on top of the car. Ruhi says that Armaan’s phone turned off, and he is currently with Abhira. Kaveri reassures everyone that there is no need to worry because Armaan will return. Just then, Manish and Swarna arrive. Kaveri asks Swarna to explain the situation to Ruhi and assures her that she won’t let any obstacles come in their wedding.

After Kaveri leaves, Ruhi insists on waiting for Armaan before applying mehendi. However, Swarna reveals that she saw Armaan and Abhira leaving together. Nonetheless, Ruhi remains unfazed and believes that Armaan will come back. Manish questions whether she is trying to convince herself or them. Meanwhile, Armaan and Abhira engage in a conversation while playing with rainwater. She falls into his arms and they land into a moment. He seems happy with her presence.

As thunder booms, Abhira shrieks and tumbles to the ground. This elicits a chuckle from Armaan. Ruhi accidentally drops the mehendi bowl and becomes consumed with worry. Manisha astutely points out that Armaan and Ruhi’s mehendi ceremony may not take place today, since Armaan and Abhira are likely together. Without hesitation, Vidya assures everyone that Armaan will never overstep his boundaries. However, it doesn’t stop Armaan from making light of Abhira’s feelings, causing her pain. He quickly offers to take her to the hospital as he helps her up and ties a dupatta around her injured hand.

The rain has subsided, making it an opportune time for them to leave. Meanwhile, Madhav is at the hospital and seems to be alone; not a single person has visited him yet. As fate would have it, Armaan and Abhira arrive at the hospital soon after. Oddly enough, they don’t see Madhav anywhere. While Vidya messages Madhav about their mother’s well-being, Sanjay responds in his place. Vidya is taken aback by his cryptic message. As Armaan and Abhira arrive at their house, all eyes turn towards them.

YRKKH 3rd June 2024 Written Update Forever love

Ruhi inquires if they went together, to which Abhira refrains from reaching out to Armaan. He responds honestly, admitting that he was accompanied by Abhira on his trip to the temple to fetch Mauli as requested by Cidya. He proceeds to share all the details with everyone. Moved by his sincerity, Ruhi embraces Armaan and expresses her gratitude for telling the truth. Charu urges Armaan to hug Ruhi, and he willingly complies. A warm smile spreads across everyone’s faces as Abhira gets sad.






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