Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update Ranbir's past

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update Ranbir’s past

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update Ranbir’s past. Manpreet enquires with Prachi and Ashok about Purvi’s release from jail. Ashok informs Manpreet that Purvi was not taken to court as the police had already caught the culprit responsible for the counterfeit currency. He adds that they were also investigating the source of the printing machine. As Prachi leaves, Manpreet asks Ashok about her sudden departure. Ashok explains that Prachi has been behaving strangely since her altercation with Trishna. Purvi approaches them and thanks RV for helping clear her name. RV humbly responds that he was returning the favor after she assisted Dadi in reaching the hospital during traffic. Khushi then calls Purvi to ask why she did not attend court.

Purvi reveals that RV has apprehended the actual criminal and Sukhi has provided evidence clearing Monisha’s name, much to Khushi’s surprise. Krishna enters Prachi’s room through the window. Curious, she asks him why he came here. He starts talking about her and wonders why she’s not speaking to him. Monisha is furious at RV for bringing Sukhi into the house and causing trouble for her. Deepika urges her to come up with a plan to save herself. Monisha quickly thinks of an idea of how to proceed. Prachi insists that Krishna leave the premises, but he refuses to go until they have a conversation.

Prachi reiterates that she will not heed his words. Krishna questions how Prachi expects to understand why he didn’t come to her if she won’t listen to him. Meanwhile, Harman and Vikram discuss Shikha’s presence in their home. However, Dadaji interrupts Vikram when he mistakenly states that Sukhi gave counterfeit currency to Purvi. Dadaji clarifies that Sukhi admitted to giving it to Monisha, thus clearing Purvi’s name, and suggests that Harman and the others should treat her differently now. As confusion arises over Sukhi’s actions, Dadaji turns to RV for answers, but RV claims ignorance on the matter.

Khushi mentions to Armaan that she cannot comprehend the inconsistent behavior of RV and his family towards Purvi. Armaan chimes in with a comment on Purvi. Vaishali inquires from Monisha why Sukhi brought up his name and whether she is involved in the counterfeit currency. Monisha firmly denies and dismisses her. Deepika questions Monisha about why she did not tell Vaishali the truth, as it could have been beneficial for them. Monisha states that no one should be aware of this truth.

She adds that although Sukhi mentioned her name, he has yet to provide evidence, so there is still a chance for her to twist things in her favor. Prachi asks Krishna why he did not approach her for help. Krishna retorts by asking where Prachi was when he died. Prachi wonders why Krishna keeps bringing up the past, to which Krishna explains that the answers lie in their past experiences.






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