Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update Insecure Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update Insecure Shaurya

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Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update Insecure Shaurya. Nidhi questions Shaurya about his loyalty, to which he reassures her with a hug. Meanwhile, Rakhi expresses her worries about the Luthra family’s troubles to Preeta, who reminds her that every family goes through difficult times. Preeta assures Rakhi that everything will be okay and notices Shaurya walking by. However, he ignores her and Rakhi voices her disapproval of his behavior. Preeta defends Shaurya, understanding him better. Palki enters the room and adds that she is comforted knowing that Preeta is there for them.

Preeta welcomes Palki into the family and expresses happiness about her becoming their daughter-in-law, while Rajveer assures Rakhi that everything will be sorted out. Shaurya catches sight of Palki. He retreats to his room, where he is confronted by Sandy about his drinking habit. Shaurya defends himself, explaining that it helps him maintain control and avoid lashing out at Karan whenever their father shows favoritism towards Rajveer. Although Sandy urges him to calm down, Shaurya insists that Rajveer has it all – even a loving and caring aunt. He praises Rajveer’s mother, Preeta, as an exceptional parent and compares her to his uninvolved mother.

Feeling resentful, Shaurya seeks out Karan for a chat but becomes enraged when he sees him in conversation with Rajveer instead. Rajveer inquires about their next plan. Preeta explains that she cannot disclose it to anyone. Karan notices Shaurya’s presence and approaches his son. He requests Nidhi to prepare black coffee for Shaurya, knowing he is intoxicated. Shaurya expresses his desire for his father’s attention, claiming that Karan is always available for Rajveer but not for him. He even reminds Karan of the time when he was willing to give away the entire property for Rajveer but refused to give half for him. Confused, Shaurya questions the disparity in their treatment.

In response, Karan reassures Shaurya of his love but leaves as he realizes Shaurya is drunk and may not understand. Feeling hurt, Shaurya accuses Karan of always blaming him while Nidhi watches with a smile. Rajveer hopes to avoid any potential problems. Palki admires Anshuman for his intelligence. Kavya commends Palki for persuading Anshuman to admit that Shaurya and Rajveer are innocent. She points out that Anshuman can no longer deny the truth. Rajveer suggests canceling their collaboration with Anshuman. However, Preeta reminds him that they cannot do so at this point.

She acknowledges that Anshuman’s verbal confession may not hold much weight, but suggests pretending to still want the collaboration to keep him in check. Nidhi expresses her concerns about Anshuman potentially betraying them, but Mahesh reassures her that he knows what he is doing based on his experience. Nidhi brings up Preeta’s previous failed plan and questions whether they can trust her again. She wonders what will happen if this plan also fails. Kareena advises Nidhi to avoid negative thoughts.






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