Anupama 6th June 2024 Written Update Vanraj schemes

Anupama 6th June 2024 Written Update Vanraj schemes

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Anupama 6th June 2024 Written Update Vanraj schemes. Vanraj inquires about Titu’s criminal record and asks someone to inform him if there is any. Kavya, who suspects Vanraj’s intentions, coincidentally runs into Hasmukh. The latter shares that he is searching for a specific medicine. Vanraj instructs Hasmukh to have a backup plan in case he is unable to find the woman they are looking for. He also contemplates breaking up Ansh and Dimple’s marriage for their sake. Vanraj is determined to prove that Titu is not the right match for Dimple. Kavya doubts Vanraj’s ulterior motives and decides to confide in Anupama.

She shares with Anupama that Vanraj is scheming against Titu and urges her to investigate the matter. Anupama takes it upon herself to look into the situation with the help of Devika. She decides to proceed cautiously, while at the same time, Titu becomes restless as he prepares himself to reveal the truth during the Mehndi ceremony. Meanwhile, Devika discusses with Anupama whether she too has doubts about Titu’s character.

Anupama says that Titu has been patiently waiting for Dimple’s marriage and is now prepared to live with the Shahs. She admires Titu and decides to approach the lady they suspect is behind Vanraj’s call. Together, Anupama and Devika go to the location and wait for the lady to arrive. Meanwhile, Kavya tries to search Vanraj’s phone but is unable to find any evidence. Anupama draws a parallel between her struggles and Dimple’s, hoping that Dimple will find lasting happiness. While waiting, a man startles Anupama and Devika, but they manage to escape unharmed. Disappointingly, the unknown woman fails to turn up, leading Devika to suggest delaying their investigation.

Before leaving, Anupama says a prayer for Devika’s well-being. As the Shah family prepares for Dimple’s mehndi, Kavya becomes suspicious of Vanraj’s phone call interactions. She expresses concern that he may be plotting against Titu. Paritosh interrupts, demanding a cup of tea. Kinjal suggests that he make it himself as the ladies are occupied. Meanwhile, Vanraj instructs Ansh to wake up and join in the preparations. Shortly after, Devika pays a visit to the Shah household and takes on Leela’s mannerisms. Leela is taken aback to learn that Hasmukh invited Devika over, and both she and Vanraj disapprove of his decision. Feeling unwelcome, Devika decides to leave but is stopped by Hasmukh and Dimple.

In a fit of anger, Vanraj accuses Anupama of ruining everyone’s happiness. She rebukes him and reminds him to behave himself. Vanraj plans to surprise Anupama by revealing Titu’s true motives. Anxious, Anupama wonders why the woman didn’t show up. She begins to doubt Vanraj. However, Devika reassures her not to stress. Later, while discussing with Paritosh, Vanraj expresses his doubt about Titu’s character. Frustrated, Paritosh suggests calling off the marriage. Vanraj, wanting to make things right on his terms, decides to bide his time and seek revenge for Anupama’s sake. Paritosh agrees and expresses his anger towards Titu, stating that they can’t trust anyone. Vanraj gets against Anupama again.






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