GHKKPM 6th June 2024 Written Update Reeva's exit

GHKKPM 6th June 2024 Written Update Reeva’s exit

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GHKKPM 6th June 2024 Written Update Reeva’s exit. Reeva lashes out at Ishaan for still thinking about Savi. He tells her that Bhawar Patil has set up an outpost and is causing trouble for the college staff. However, Reeva interrupts him and he leaves the room. Meanwhile, the commissioner warns Bhawar Patil to stop harassing Savi. Bhawar Patil argues that it is actually Ishaan who is causing trouble for Savi, and then storms out of the office with ill intentions towards Ishaan. Later, Surekha and Durva confront Ishaan about ruining Reeva’s bachelorette party, asking him to fix it. Feeling hopeless, Ishaan turns to Chinmay and Shikha for help. Chinmay believes that Ishaan has finally realized his feelings for Savi and seeks their assistance in winning her back.

Durva escorts Reeva to the party, keeping her eyes closed. Shikha anticipates Chinmay’s reaction upon discovering Ishaan’s efforts for Reeva. As Reeva opens her eyes, Ishaan and Chinmay take the dance floor together. Chinmay notices Reeva and realizes that this is a special gesture for her, not Ishaan. He appears ready to leave, but Ishaan requests his assistance without hesitation. Without questioning, Chinmay agrees and later joins in the dance with Reeva.

She expresses gratitude towards Ishaan for the surprise and promises to always remember it. Reeva offers Ishaan some food, but he declines. She then reminds him that they will be getting married tomorrow. However, instead of staying with Reeva, Ishaan heads to Savi’s tea stall and falls asleep outside. The next morning, Savi wakes him up and questions his actions. In response, Ishaan embraces Savi tightly and sobs silently to himself. Keep reading for GHKKPM 6th June 2024 Written Update Reeva’s exit.

GHKKPM 6th June 2024 Written Update Reeva’s exit:

Ishaan consumes alcohol and gazes at Reeva from a distance. Chinmay approaches Ishaan and engages in conversation with him, asking what he is observing. Ishaan replies that he is admiring the happiness around them. Chinmay then asks if Ishaan himself is happy. Ishaan dismisses the question, telling Chinmay to forget about it.

Chinmay persists and points out that he knows of Ishaan’s love for Savi, questioning why he continues with his current behavior. Ishaan explains that he feels trapped and doesn’t want to hurt others with his selfishness. Chinmay offers a thought-provoking comment, urging Ishaan to listen to his heart and consider who it truly desires to be with. Chinmay notices Shikha appearing unwell and approaches her. Ishaan expresses his desire to stay with Savi while coming to her tea stall. Ishaan observes Suman requesting the security guard for permission to remain inside. Spotting Ishaan, Suman warmly welcomes him and informs him that she has completed her admission process. She then asks Ishaan to assist her with her sponsorship, but he explains that it can only be arranged the following day.

Frustrated with not having a place to stay, Suman confides in Ishaan and he offers his cabin as an option. After Ishaan lets Suman into her cabin and leaves, Savi has a phone conversation with Harini, who is currently caring for Sandhya as she recovers from food poisoning. Meanwhile, Savi is at home by herself. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Assuming it’s Bhawar Patil, Savi covers the person with a blanket and attacks them before realizing it’s Ishaan. She apologizes for her mistake and notices that he appears to be under the influence of alcohol.

Despite this, Ishaan enters Savi’s house and she questions why he has come. He explains that he met someone at college who reminded him of her and he wanted to see her. However, Savi reminds him that they have no relationship between them. After Ishaan abruptly ends a call from Reeva, Savi sends him out of her house and locks the door. Ultimately, Ishaan ends up sleeping outside in a corner near Savi’s home. The next day, Ishaan wakes up to numerous missed calls from his family and Reeva. He heads home and apologizes to Surekha and Yashwant for not being there earlier.

Curious, Yashwant confronts Ishaan about a video circulating online. Confused, Ishaan asks which video he’s referring to. Shukla contacts Savi and urges her to check the internet for news about Ishaan. Yashwant then shows Ishaan a video of Suman telling reporters that he allowed her to stay in his cabin and demanded sexual favors in exchange for a scholarship. She adds that he even attempted to assault her but she managed to escape. Ishaan assures his family that Suman’s allegations are baseless. Yashwant inquires about the events of the previous night. Ishaan explains that Suman approached him for assistance and he allowed her to use his cabin but left afterward. Yashwant wonders where he went next.

Ishaan contemplates admitting that he went to see Savi, but fears it would cause trouble for her. He fabricates a story for the Bhosle family, claiming he slept in his car. Yashwant questions if there is any proof of this. Ishaan responds in the negative. Meanwhile, Savi catches sight of reporters outside the Bhosle Institute spreading rumors about Ishaan. She angrily dismisses them before confiding in Harini that she refuses to believe Ishaan is capable of such behavior. Ishaan and Reeva arrive at the college, where they are immediately surrounded by a group of reporters who bombard Ishaan with questions.

However, he remains silent. Meanwhile, Yashwant and Nishikant become concerned after hearing about Suman’s statement against Ishaan in the news. In an effort to address the situation, Yashwant decides to negotiate with Suman and asks Nishikant to bring her to him. But Bhawar Patil points out that it will be difficult to intimidate Suman as she is currently in a secure location. He then presents an arrest warrant to Yashwant and explains that they have come to take Ishaan into custody.


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  1. Joyce madho Avatar
    Joyce madho

    Changing the lead actors now is not the right thing to do as viewers are enjoying the chemistry between Ishan and Savi. This decision of yours to change the LEADS will lead to a drop in your viewing audience.
    They are working with scripts that you all are giving to them Guide your leads instead of making decisions that can be detrimental to a show that these two can get to #1

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