Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update Prachi's decision

Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update Prachi’s decision

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update Prachi’s decision. Prachi tells Ranbir that he chose to marry Trishna because he loved her. She also reminds him of his actions that hurt her when she learned about Akshay’s death. Prachi begs Ranbir not to hurt Trishna in the same way. However, Ranbir brings up the fact that Prachi accused him of causing Akshay’s death. Prachi admits that she received a call informing her of Akshay’s supposed death and expresses how upset she was thinking he was gone forever. She questions why he never came to her during this tough time. Ranbir tries to explain, but Prachi interrupts with negative comments about him and their past relationship. She claims he didn’t love her and easily moved on with his life while forgetting about how Purvi has also moved on in his life now.

Ashok witnesses Ranbir exiting Prachi’s room. Dadi announces she doesn’t want Sukhi in their house anymore, as Vaishali defends Sukhi and believes he is telling the truth about Purvi influencing him to lie about counterfeit money. Speaking up, Purvi reveals she saw Monisha talking to Sukhi and overheard their conversation about counterfeit currency, leading her to try catching it. Sukhi frees himself and holds Monisha captive before leaving. Ashok inquires with Prachi about the person who was with them, to which she reveals that Krishna is Ranbir. She expresses her frustration at unknowingly marrying Krishna off to Trishna and mentions how Ranbir had been asking about Purvi’s father.

Ashok questions why she didn’t inform him that Ranbir is Purvi’s father, but Prachi defends her decision by stating that Ranbir doesn’t deserve to know about Purvi. Meanwhile, Monisha confronts Sukhi for mentioning her name in front of everyone. He reminds her of the money she owes him, to which she offers to double the amount and get him out of jail if he clears her name. As RV’s family approaches Sukhi, he takes Monisha hostage and warns them not to come any closer. However, RV and Purvi manage to overpower Sukhi and rescue Monisha. After RV and Monisha question Sukhi about mentioning Monisha’s name, Purvi joins in and asks for an explanation as well. Sukhi maintains that he is unfamiliar with Monisha and only mentioned her because he overheard someone talking on the phone.

He also mentions that the last time Purvi saw them together, Monisha was asking for an address. Harleen then inquires if Purvi was involved in any counterfeit activities, to which Sukhi denies. He explains that he found Purvi’s money bag at the hospital and mistakenly swapped it with counterfeit bills. As Monisha captures Sukhi’s confession on tape, he makes a run for it and escapes from RV’s family and the police. Despite assuring RV’s family of catching Sukhi soon, the police inspector requests Monisha to accompany them for further questioning. Showing Sukhi’s confession, Monisha proclaims her innocence but the inspector remains suspicious. RV objects to this and urges the inspector to focus on finding Sukhi instead. The inspector leaves after commenting.






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