Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update Varun's warning

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update Varun’s warning

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Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update Varun’s warning. Rajveer and Palki have a close connection, with him quickly catching her before she falls. He showers her with compliments, comparing her to Preeta in her problem-solving abilities. Though Palki appreciates it, she also feels overwhelmed and expresses her gratitude. Rajveer hopes for a compliment from her in return and shares his feelings with her. However, she struggles to find the right words when she’s around him. Just as Palki is about to leave, Rajveer grabs her hand and they dance together.

Varun expresses his disappointment to Roma for leaving abruptly. Karan inquires as to why Varun is speaking to their mother in this manner. Varun questions Karan’s actions, stating that they are not right to give Anshuman the property. However, Karan declares that his family holds more value to him than money and he has no alternative option. Varun firmly states that he believes this decision is unjust.

Rajveer advises Varun to calm down and stop acting as if he is losing his property. Varun explains that since the Luthras are his family, it’s only natural for him to be worried. Karan expresses his gratitude for Varun’s concern and reassures him that they will always stick together. However, Varun cautions them to watch out for Anshuman’s cunning nature. He then mentions that Rajveer is more accustomed to living in poverty than Shaurya, adding that it is because of Rajveer that Karan is taking this risk. Just as Varun goes to take an important call, Rajveer remarks on his overreaction, saying it seems like he considers it his property.

Meanwhile, Kavya tries to offer food to Varun, but he brushes her off and tells her he needs to make a call. She waits next to him, which annoys him and leads him to scold her. She starts crying and he sarcastically suggests she complain about him to her family before she leaves the room. Preeta observes Kavya’s tears from a distance.

Varun berates Alia for repeatedly contacting him, but she reminds him of their marriage. He clarifies that he is not her servant. Preeta takes the phone from Varun and confirms that the caller is the mystery woman. Varun snatches the phone back and warns Preeta not to interfere in his personal affairs. He explains that he was speaking to someone from his past and won’t let anyone disrupt his present. He then reveals that the person on the other end is his ex-wife, of whom Kavya knows nothing. Preeta is taken aback by this revelation when Palki enters the scene. Varun belittles Preeta as a maid and tells her to leave.

Nidhi reminds Shaurya to use common sense and offers to confide in him so he can help solve their problems. She adds that if Shaurya doesn’t take action, Rajveer will likely step in and become the hero. Anshuman assures Karan that he will provide evidence to show that he fired his manager and urges Rajveer to call the said manager. Karan is pleased that his plan seems to be working and inquires about Preeta from Kareena. However, both Kareena and Nidhi taunt Karan before he proudly announces that Preeta is indeed his wife.






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