YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

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YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan. Kaveri runs into Abhira and inquires about her whereabouts. Abhira assures her that everything has been taken care of. Kaveri then suggests that Abhira stay until the function is over, mentioning her generous contribution. However, Abhira stands firm in refusing to be controlled by Kaveri. The conversation turns to Abhira sacrificing her marriage at Kaveri’s request, which Abhira denies was a result of being bought by Kaveri. Kaveri reminds Abhira that she owes to her for giving up her wedding for Vidya and Madhav’s sake.

Meanwhile, Armaan overhears their exchange and attempts to confront Abhira before she hides in the cupboard. As the truth unfolds, Kaveri praises Armaan for bringing joy to their family but also criticizes both his and Abhira’s decisions. This leads to an emotional reaction from Abhira. Despite Armaan’s plans to skip the sangeet, Kaveri insists he attends and even offers to accompany her.

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan:

Kaveri urges Abhira to stay and focus on her work. Abhira insists that she was not bought, especially since she had forgotten to return the deposit money. She reminds Kaveri that her values cannot be compromised for material gain. Kaveri becomes upset and scolds Abhira, questioning her intelligence for sacrificing their family’s reputation for her ethics. She also accuses Abhira of being accustomed to humiliation because of her moral code. In tears, Abhira is surprised when she sees Armaan and runs away. Armaan calls out her name, recognizing the sacrifice she made for their parents’ happiness. Abhira retreats into the cupboard and secures the lock behind her. Overcome with emotion, she sits weeping. Kaveri arrives and addresses Armaan, acknowledging his contribution to the happiness of the household.

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

She reassures him that his decision to marry Ruhi will be proven right. Speaking candidly, she admits to past resentment towards Armaan for bringing Abhira here but encourages him to let go and focus on his upcoming wedding. In a loving gesture, she offers him candy as she blesses him. After accepting her blessings, he follows her outside as she mentions an urgent matter that requires his attention. Meanwhile, Manish appears and unlocks the cupboard door. He gently urges Abhira to emerge and comforts her as she continues to cry.

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

Abhira expresses gratitude towards Manish. He tells her that she can confide in him at any time and he will be there to help. She then hands him Akshara’s guitar, explaining that she will be leaving after Ruhi and Armaan’s wedding and wants to present it to him, without Armaan’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Kajal meets Madhav and shares her concerns about Sanjay keeping secrets from him. Feeling worried for Vidya, Kajal decides to inform her and calls her immediately. However, when Sanjay goes looking for Vidya later on, he realizes she is not in the room. Abhira catches Armaan’s eye as Kaveri asks her to serve refreshments to the guests. As the sangeet begins, Vidya invites Manisha and Manoj to perform, but Manisha refuses initially until eventually giving in. While they dance to the Jhumka song, Abhira serves drinks while Ruhi and Armaan observe her intently.

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

Sanjay looks through Vidya’s phone and notices a call from Kajal. Without hesitation, he answers the call and is informed that Madhav has been hospitalized. This sparks anger in Sanjay and he decides to take control by turning off the phone. Meanwhile, Krish announces that Manish and Swarna will be performing next. Armaan approaches Abhira, expressing his desire to talk to her, but she quickly leaves. Ruhi joins Armaan and takes him away with her while Abhira becomes engrossed in her work.

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan

Krish announces that the lady’s special performance is about to begin. Kaveri, Vidya, and Surekha take the stage together. After their performance, Krish invites everyone to grab some food and return for the next act. Meanwhile, Kaveri tasks Abhira with checking the arrangements for Armaan and Ruhi’s performance. However, Abhira breaks down in tears upon remembering how she had lied in court to save her parents’ marriage. Armaan notices her distress and stops her from leaving. As she stumbles and falls, he catches her and asks her to be more careful. The audience watches as Ruhi helps Armaan stand up and they leave together. Later, Armaan suggests removing Abhira from her job duties. He leaves Abhira stunned.

YRKKH 6th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Armaan






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