Anupama 11th June 2024 Written Update Anuj's love

Anupama 11th June 2024 Written Update Anuj’s love

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Anupama 11th June 2024 Written Update Anuj’s love. Anuj inquires why Anupama is in tears and requests an explanation. She explains that she was lost in thought. Anuj wonders how she developed the habit of talking to herself, but Anupama assures him it’s nothing to worry about. He then shares his observations about Aadhya’s changed demeanor and hopes she can move on from her past trauma. Changing the subject, Anuj asks about Pari and mentions how upset Aadhya was upon learning about her condition. Meanwhile, Vanraj instructs someone to gather information about the mysterious woman, while Devika does the same for a phone number.

The ladies of the Shah family decide to play a game where they guess the dishes cooked by their husbands. Kavya and Kinjal compliment Titu for managing to cook without any fuss. Devika then suggests playing a food-guessing game with the Shahs, and Anupama easily identifies Anuj’s dish as hers. Gulati’s arrival surprises the Shah family. Anupama and Anuj are taken aback, while Leela explains that she hired Gulati, a renowned caterer. Upon seeing Anupama, Gulati expresses his surprise. Hasmukh inquires if they know each other, to which Gulati responds mockingly to Anupama. Moving on, he introduces himself to Paritosh and Anuj before mentioning that his restaurant in the USA is not well-known.

He also mentions how Anupama had rejected his job offer previously. Paritosh then tells Vanraj that Gulati’s ego was hurt due to this rejection. Meanwhile, Gulati questions Leela about why she didn’t hire Anupama instead. Sensing tension between them, Anuj warns Leela to stay away from Gulati. This prompts Vanraj to accuse Anuj of disliking Gulati because of his taunt towards Anupama. The two men begin arguing, but Anupama intervenes and asks Hasmukh to make the final decision regarding Gulati’s role in the event. Kinjal inquires whether Paritosh is familiar with Gulati. Paritosh confirms that Gulati is a shrewd businessman.

Kinjal is taken aback by this information. For this reason, Paritosh decides to accept a position at Gulati’s new branch. Kinjal expresses her lack of surprise at this decision to Paritosh. Hasmukh questions Leela about the food, to which Leela responds with high praise for it. Feeling remorseful for how she treated Anupama in the past, Leela plans to make amends by offering Dimple an opportunity. Hasmukh is pleased with Leela’s change in behavior. As Anupama reflects on her past experiences, she becomes emotional. Aadhya expresses her disapproval of Vanraj and demands that Anuj return to the US. This comes as a shock to Anuj. Meanwhile, Anupama encourages herself and convinces Aadhya to wait until after the wedding before making any decisions about Anuj’s future.






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