YRKKH 11th June 2024 Written Update Kaveri compels Armaan

YRKKH 11th June 2024 Written Update Kaveri compels Armaan

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YRKKH 11th June 2024 Written Update Kaveri compels Armaan. Abhira seeks Manish’s blessing, evoking memories of Akshara. After touching his feet, Abhira departs and Armaan reminisces about their past. Manisha reminds Armaan that his acceptance into the family was not a favor, to which he responds that he understands. However, she realizes that he truly loves Abhira and questions why he is marrying Ruhi instead. Armaan explains that he cannot hurt Vidya and Manisha urges him to consider his feelings. Despite this, Armaan remains resolute in his decision to marry Ruhi. He comes to terms with the fact that his love story with Abhira will never reach completion.

Meanwhile, as Manish prepares to apply turmeric to Ruhi, Swarna intervenes stating that the auspicious time has passed. This surprises Ruhi. Manisha implores Armaan to understand the power of love, and he agrees to marry Ruhi for Vidya’s sake. Ruhi then asks Manish to carry out the ritual and boldly declares that she will wed Armaan at any cost. In a rush, Abhira urges the driver to speed up so she won’t miss her bus. Swarna and Surekha expertly assist Ruhi in getting ready, while Kaveri and Vidya do the same for Armaan.

As Ruhi eagerly awaits her wedding with Armaan, Sanjay finds out that Madhav has regained consciousness and decides to visit him. However, he is shocked when he discovers that Madhav has disappeared from the hospital. Meanwhile, Manisha believes that Armaan should fight for his love, while Kajal plans to interfere if Armaan and Abhira’s divorce doesn’t go through before the wedding. Elsewhere, Abhira struggles with her emotions at the bus stop and prays for more strength as she prepares to start a new life in Mussoorie. Ruhi inquires of Swarna and Surekha about Armaan’s feelings towards her.

Surekha reveals that Armaan is actually in love with Abhira. This revelation catches Ruhi off guard. Manish comforts Ruhi, assuring her that she can always return to the Goenka household whenever she feels lonely. In response, Ruhi declares her intention to come back with Armaan by her side. Kaveri, on the other hand, relentlessly pressures Armaan into marrying Ruhi, accusing him of not being Madhav’s true son and confessing her love for him. Manisha grows increasingly annoyed by this display of affection from Kaveri towards Armaan. Despite this, Kaveri pledges to never forget all that he has done for the family.

However, Armaan’s thoughts are consumed by Abhira. Meanwhile, Charu reaches out to Abhira on the phone. Armaan learns that Abhira is planning a trip to Mussoorie and expresses his happiness for her. Later on, Abhira runs into some trouble as her ticket goes missing while she struggles to catch a bus.


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