YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love

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YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love. Kaveri expresses that Armaan has proven himself to be different from Madhav and that she loves him dearly as both her grandson and Madhav’s son. This brings joy to Vidya, who mentions it is the first time Kaveri has said this. Manish reminds Armaan that their house will always be open to him and he can come back anytime he needs help. Ruhi assures everyone that they will visit together and make sure everything is okay. Armaan expresses his wish for things to work out well. Vidya adds that Armaan will find happiness with Ruhi.

Abhira receives a call from Charu regarding Armaan’s missing sword. She clarifies that she is not involved in the family or the wedding. Despite this, she takes the call and assures Charu of her help. As Charu updates her on the situation, Manisha and Vidya exit the room, leaving Abhira alone with Kaveri. Kaveri expresses her gratitude for Abhira’s efforts to protect their household and wishes for her happiness. As she removes his pagdi, Armaan remembers Abhira’s earlier words and feels guilty for not standing up for their love. Vidya interrupts his thoughts and asks him to come downstairs.

Meanwhile, Abhira continues her conversation with Charu until Armaan joins the video call. Abhira quickly marks him with the black dot and her bus ticket suddenly flies away. The conductor then calls for the Mussoorie bus and Abhira bids farewell to Armaan before ending their call. Vidya reminds him to come soon as Abhira frantically searches for her ticket. With the conductor urging her to move faster, she finally retrieves the ticket and leaves for Mussoorie.

At the temple, Armaan confesses his love for Abhira and explains that he cannot marry Ruhi. Ruhi is taken aback by this unexpected declaration. Abhira then reveals that Armaan has agreed to marry Ruhi instead. This news deeply saddens her and she walks away, feeling hopeless. Keep reading for YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love.

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love:

Vidya performs Armaan’s aarti and cheers him up. Armaan doesn’t get a smile on his face. He misses Abhira. He stays sad. Abhira thinks of him, but can’t do anything to save her love. Armaan takes the baraat for Ruhi. Poddars dance in the baraat, while Armaan sits numb. Sanjay tells Kajal that he is trying hard to get the divorce finalized. He adds that Madhav is missing from the hospital. Vidya overhears this and asks him if Madhav is okay. He lies that Madhav is okay and he is coming to attend the wedding. Vidya gets glad. Madhav rushes to reach home and stop Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage.

Abhira tries to get rid of the mehndi color on her hand. She doesn’t want the rituals to happen with her when she isn’t marrying Armaan. She feels it’s a bad joke of fate. Armaan thinks of Abhira with a sunken heart. Krish asks him if he should take him to Abhira. Armaan doesn’t want to flee from the wedding. He tells them that he is okay. His cousins remind him that Abhira is his life’s rainbow, and his life will lose all the colors without her. Charu drags Armaan to dance in the baraat.

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love

Armaan imagines Abhira dancing and expressing her love. He happily opens his arms to embrace her, but she disappears. Armaan looks for her. Abhira’s bus passes by the same road, and she gets to see Armaan’s baraat. Her bracelet falls down her wrist. Armaan gets the bracelet and feels her presence. He thinks it’s a sign of fate. He starts searching for her. Abhira attempts to retrieve her bracelet. Armaan raises his hand to get her attention. Abhira misses to see Armaan. Kaveri interrupts him. She asks him to move on in his life. Manish is worried that Ruhi doesn’t understand the situation. He promises Sushant that he will return the money to him. Swarna overhears them and asks about the loan. Manish lies to her.

Goenkas welcome the Poddars at the gate. Ruhi is delighted to see her groom. She feels the marriage is happening because of her parents’ blessings. She gets a hint that they aren’t supportive of the wedding. Manish finds Armaan upset. Ruhi attempts to light the diya in front of her parents’ picture. She wants her parents’ blessings at any cost. She grows anxious when she fails to light the diya.

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love

Ruhi tells Swarna that Neil and Aarohi didn’t bless her and the diya isn’t lighting up again. She wants to know if her parents are against the marriage. Swarna pacifies her. Armaan feels sorry that he couldn’t support Abhira. Swarna wishes Ruhi’s happiness. She lights the diya. Surekha says that Ruhi might be asking for something wrong, and her parents want to guide her on the right path. Ruhi says that she is going to get Armaan forever. She rushes to Armaan. Vidya waits for Madhav. Sanjay calls the judge and asks him to finalize Abhira and Armaan’s separation. He learns that it won’t happen before two weeks.

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love

Kajal decides to stop the illegal wedding. Sanjay stops her from ruining everything. Ruhi finds Armaan unhappy. She takes the garlands and steps towards him. He steps back and reveals that he loves Abhira. He apologizes to Ruhi. His decision shocks one and all. Manish angrily slaps him. Swarna asks Armaan to never look back at Ruhi and leave her life. Armaan gets rebuked but stays firm on his decision to choose Abhira. Ruhi gets heartbroken. Madhav finds Abhira and attempts to reveal about her pending divorce. Abhira faints on the road before hearing anything.

YRKKH 12th June 2024 Written Update Rush for Love


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