GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track

GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track

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GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track. Ishaan feels a twinge of sadness when he thinks of Savi. He decides to spin the bottle and it lands on Durva. Seeing Ishaan and Durva’s wedding photo cutouts, Savi also feels a pang of sadness. Shukla notices her reaction and accidentally drops the cutouts, prompting Savi to pick them up and clean them. When he asks if she is feeling upset, Savi confirms that she is and has made a decision because of it.

She then hands over the keys to the tea shop to Shukla and Sandhya, who ask what she and Harini will do instead. Savi explains that after taking her final exam tomorrow, they plan to leave Pune. However, Shukla warns her not to say anything foolish. Bhawar Patil takes down a truck driver and makes off with the truck. The game proceeds as usual. Ishaan inquires if Durva would prefer high exam scores or a large following on social media. She chooses the former. Chinmay accuses her of fibbing, claiming she cannot survive without followers. Durva asks for a gift in return for her honesty.

Without hesitation, Ishaan presents her with a car, much to her delight. After sharing a few more jokes, he turns to Yashwant and becomes sentimental. When it’s his turn again, Chinmay asks him about his most cherished person in life, to which Ishaan responds with “Savi”. Clad in wedding garments, Savi enters the exam hall and completes her test. She then contacts Ishaan and inquires about his whereabouts. Dressed in a groom’s attire, he reveals the location of their first encounter. Savi makes her way towards him, but suddenly an assailant opens fire. Ishaan and Savi receive a huge shock seeing the chaos. They run to each other. Ishaan embraces her, while the place blasts. Keep reading for GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track.

GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track

GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track:

Savi informs Shukla that going forward, they will both manage the shop. However, Shukla expresses his disagreement with this decision. He explains to Savi that he cannot replicate her signature magic tea and therefore, he cannot take over the shop. Savi assures him that she has a solution and requests him not to be worried. Elsewhere, Surekha clarifies to Durva that Ishaan had mentioned Savi’s name out of pretenses as he loves her the most in his life. Durva acknowledges this and adds that Reeva will soon take over her place. Although Surekha doesn’t mind this, she later praises Ishaan for his qualities. As Yashwant sings a song, the entire Bhosle family joins in for an impromptu dance session.

The trio, Bhawar Patil, Kiran, and Mandar, form an alliance to seek vengeance against Savi and Ishaan. Leading the group, Bhawar shows off his newly acquired weapons for the task at hand. Kiran chimes in, emphasizing their preparedness for a battle. Meanwhile, Mandar chooses a gun as his weapon of choice. Disguised as decorators, they enter the Bhosle Institute with their faces hidden. The following day, Savi seeks divine strength to move forward in her life through prayer. Harini consoles her and eventually, Savi leaves without consuming traditional curd and sugar. In the Bhosle mansion, preparations are underway for Ishaan’s wedding as he gets ready with the help of his family.

However, Chinmay expresses his disapproval of the marriage but Ishaan remains firm in his decision and makes a snarky comment about it. Meanwhile, Durva assists Reeva in getting dressed as the bride in her own home. Swati compliments Reeva on her appearance before accidentally spilling red nail polish on her wedding invitation. This incident leaves Reeva feeling uneasy about potential bad luck on her special day. Ishaan prepares to depart for the wedding venue in his car. As he’s about to leave, Reeva gives him a call, asking if he’s on his way. He assures her that he is and tells her not to worry.

GHKKPM 12th June 2024 Written Update New track

This puts Reeva at ease and Ishaan ends the call. Meanwhile, Anvi tries to reach Shantanu and Isha but they are unable to answer as they are held up at airport security. Surekha notices Anvi’s distress and takes away her phone, asking her to stay with Shikha. Savi receives blessings from Shukla and Sandhya before heading off to take her final exam. While walking, she notices a wire supply and assumes it is for the lights. Unbeknownst to her, Kiran has contacted Bhawar Patil and informed him that the bomb is ready to be detonated at any time. Just then, Ishaan arrives at the Bhosle Institute with his family. Upon seeing Savi, he can’t help but think about their moments together. As Shantanu and Isha make their way to the wedding venue, he attempts to call Ishaan but receives no answer.

Meanwhile, Isha contacts Anvi who quickly realizes she needs to also give her a call. Anvi heads to the car to retrieve her phone but is stopped by Surekha who asks her to stay with Shikha as she retrieves her own device. Agreeing to this, Anvi departs from the area. As this is happening, Surekha notices Isha calling Anvi.


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